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  1. StevenCee

    The bigger problem, however, is if you do feel something there, and go to a doctor, will they know how to determine if your thyroid is working well? I’ve heard for decades, that doctors don’t really know how to check for abnormal thyroid function, or that the blood tests they use aren’t often conclusive, etc. So, what’s the best way to determine how it’s working? Do we demand certain blood work they wouldn’t normally prescribe, or what?

    • Heather Todd

      From reading “The iodine crisis: what you don’t know can wreck your life ” the reason the blood tests are unhelpful is because they keep shifting the perameters of Normal as higher % of the population has a thyroid issue. If you look at todays ‘normal’with say 30 years ago it’s hugely different.

      • StevenCee

        Thus my question, if blood tests are unhelpful, what is one to do if they do the self-test, and feel something? In the video, he just says to see a doctor, which leaves us back where we started, since most will just do blood tests. So, what’s the best next step to take? Who can confirm whether you do or don’t have something going on with your thyroid?

        • Heather Todd

          Maybe contacting someone like Dr David Brownstein to find a Dr who knows how to correctly interpret the blood tests done or if any others ought to be sought. 248-851-1600

        • Jill E Marie

          I would say see a Dr. who practices ” Functional Medicine.” Look online. These are a group of up & coming Docs who treat the whole body as a single organism & believe “let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food”. I believe Dr. Christenson is in this group.

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