Scientific Breakthrough That Will Save Millions of People from This Toxic Ingredient!

Scientific Breakthrough That Will Save Millions of People from This Toxic Ingredient!

Did you know that your scalp is one of the most absorbent and sensitive parts of your entire body?

It is like a sponge that soaks up anything you put into it. If you are one of the 75% of women who dye your hair, then when the dye is sitting on your scalp, all the toxic, endocrine disrupting, coal tar, carcinogens, and other very harmful chemical like paraphenylene-diamine (PPD) are absorbed through your skin and enter into your bloodstream. Some are urinated out but others can remain in your body for months and months. Here’s the thing – commercial dyes are so toxic that some people use them to commit suicide. Yep, Google it. In 2014, a 40 year old man from India intentionally consumed hair dye powder and committed suicide.

What is the lethal ingredient in hair dye?


Hair dyes contain paraphenylene-diamine (PPD), a dangerous chemical that  is found in almost all brands of commercially available hair dyes. Banned from cosmetic use in the EU and Canada, PPD has caused cancer in some animal experiments. The FDA tried to ban and require labeling for this ingredient in hair dyes but the industry won out citing the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act of 1938 exempting hair dye from the FDA’s jurisdiction.

Yes, you read that right.  In 1938 The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act was passed, putting an unregulated cosmetics industry under federal regulation. There were two exceptions to this act: soap and hair dye. That means the hair dye industry is self-regulating – which means it does whatever it wants!

Nobody is checking to see if the ingredients in hair dye products meet certain safety standards. They are not required to put warning labels on their packaging. They do not have to inform customers of the toxic ingredients contained in their products that could possibly cause harm.

The government eventually realized how crazy this was and tried to step in. Guess what happened?

In 1979 the FDA tried to insist that hair-dye manufactures place the following label on their products: “Warning: Contains an ingredient that can penetrate your skin and has been determined to cause cancer in laboratory animals.”

The ingredient referred to is 4-MMPD, 4-methoxy-m-phenylenediamine, a dye with a structure very similar to PPD that, according to the FDA, showed sufficient scientific evidence of being carcinogenic.

Manufactures disagree and threatened to sue the FDA if they pressed for the label. The FDA backed down. A few years later, manufactures removed the carcinogenic compound from their formulas, while “maintaining the 4-MMPD was safe.” – The Atlantic Magazine

My hair dye is SAFE because it has organic ingredients
and natural herbs – it says so right on the box!

I have news for you… ALL CONVENTIONAL HAIR DYES USE THE SAME TOXIC ACTIVE INGREDIENTS – including the high-priced hair coloring systems they sell in your favorite health food stores! They may claim to use organic and natural ingredients – but the truth is – the main, active ingredients are still PPD or its related compound, p-aminophenol.

In fact, the ONLY FOOD GRADE, CHEMICAL-FREE hair coloring product (that actually works) in the world right now is Hairprint®.


What is Hairprint®? It’s a revolutionary process that is safe and non-toxic. It mimics what hair follicles do naturally: infuse hair with its own pigment.

Instead of dyeing your hair, Hairprint® heals the structure of your hair. It restores your natural color by creating a process that reproduces the natural pigment within your hair. Using 8 food-grade ingredients, pigment is restored and your innate hair color is revived.

Watch This 1-Minute Video to See
How Hairprint® Works!

100% Chemical Free. 100% Non-Toxic. Odor Free. Hypoallergenic.

The end result is a do-it-at-home, easy way to restore color to hair, as well as transform the health of the hair. Hairprint® adds strength, sheen, and body, while being gentle and completely natural.



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