Holiday Replenishing Tonic

Holiday Replenishing Tonic

Cleaning and decorating our homes for company; traveling to visit family and friends; cooking desserts and meals full of love; finding and/or creating the perfect gifts; wrapping into the wee hours of the morning; putting our hearts into all that we do… 

As we step full swing into the holiday season, many of these activities that we enjoy so much can be draining and taxing to our body, even while bringing us joy and happiness. We can get run down, feel depleted, and not have enough energy to fully enjoy all the celebratory happenings.

This year, support your adrenals and overall physical health with this delicious Holiday Replenishing Tonic! Enjoy this supportive libation anytime you may start to feel a little overwhelmed or overtaxed. Or, even better, drink daily as a fortifying beverage to keep you bursting with holiday spirit.

Side effects may include: Increased joy, abundant energy, and the best holiday season ever.


Holiday Replenishing Tonic (serves 2)


¼ cup Vegan Protein Drink Mix

2 cups warm The Best Adrenal Tonic Ever Tea

1-2 TBSP Coconut Oil, warmed to liquid

1 TBSP He Shou Wu Powder

1 TBSP Raw Organic Honey

1 pinch Icelandic Flake Salt

Optional: Add other Medicinal Mushrooms as desired: chaga, reishi, cordyceps, etc.


Prepare Adrenal Tea according to directions. (Simmer herbs in a saucepan with spring water. Use a colander to filter herbs for reuse, preserving 2 cups of the liquid for this recipe.)

Blend 2 cups of the tea base with remaining ingredients on high, adding other medicinal mushrooms as desired. Serve warm.

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