Creating Radiant Skin (with this unique approach)

Nadine Artemis explains the importance of keeping a healthy and natural microbiome on your skin. By using probiotics topically we can bring our skin back to life and wipe away years of commercial cosmetic abuse!



Transcript of Nadine Artemis Presentation

We also want to think about digestion, as digestion is a director to every pour, and healing and sealing the gut is foundational to skin care. Any digestive disorders will manifest in the skin.

So that brings us to seeding, which is the last step. Seeding is about maintaining a diverse microbiome of bustling bacteria. I like to think of your body as an investment account and you want to multiply your microbes and have a diverse portfolio in there. How we can do that is pretty simple. Obviously through diet, but we can also apply probiotics. By ingesting and applying pre-biotics which are multipliers of probiotics, they are feeding the probiotics. We can do that through diet and supplements.

Of course researchers are developing ways to develop probiotics being delivered to the dermis, but we don’t have to wait. We can just pop open a capsule and add that to a wholesome skin serum or honey mask and apply.

For your mouth you can put that capsule in oil and use it as part of your oil pulling with a probiotic in there. There’s lots of ways that we can include that in our diet. Just know that everything we are putting on our skin is absorbed. That’s a great gift when we are applying healthy things like botanicals that are working with our microbiome. They can meet the life affirming microbiome because what we apply to our skin circulates with ours cells and mingles with our microbes.

So to recap, you have a road map to how you’re going to be thinking about your skin. Think of this as sort of like four new food groups and this is what we need to take care of our skin. We have happy hydration and happy hydration begins with spring water, filtered water, aqueous extracts of Frankincense or Rose Water. You can use diluted apple cider vinegar; about 50%, or an Aloe Vera plant. It’s so great to have one in your bathroom, just take a pinch off and aloe is over 90% water and is a great lubricant.

If you don’t have spring water pouring out of your taps, (laughter) which is like everybody, you can just have a bottle of spring water in your bathroom. Just use that for washing your face when you’re not using your shower filter. That’s what we do when we travel. I do the oil and cloth method.



Nadine Artemis an author and featured speaker at the Longevity Now® Conferences.  She is also the creator of a line of serums, elixirs, and essential oils for those seeking the purest of botanical health and beauty products.

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