150,000 Studies on this Little Known Immune System Booster

150,000 Studies on this Little Known Immune System Booster

Everyone knows that sugar and refined carbs are bad for you.  Even natural fructose, in excessive amounts, can lead to adverse health conditions and diabetes. There is ONE sugar, however, that is not only GOOD to consume regularly but is essential for optimal health, immune function, and longevity – BETA GLUCANS. 

Beta Glucans have been researched for decades and over 150,000 studies have been published on their extraordinary health benefits. They are naturally occurring polysaccharides (long chain sugars) that are found in the cell walls of immune supporting mushrooms like Reishi, Shitake, and Maitake. These long-chain sugars have been thoroughly studied and show incredible properties to support optimal health. This is the primary reason why consuming medicinal mushrooms is an integral part of any health strategy. Without consuming beta-glucans there is a gaping hole in your approach to wellness that is difficult to fill with any other type of food.

For example, you might have seen commercials for ‘heart-healthy’ oatmeal. This is because in 1997 the FDA approved this health claim based on the beta-glucans found in oats. It has also been shown to be a prebiotic that feeds and supports a healthy microbiome. This means it is ideal for gut health, digestion, and getting rid of unsightly belly fat. It is also currently being researched for fighting cancer, diabetes, infection, and high blood pressure. One of the most important reasons to eat beta-glucans is that it is actual food for your immune system.

Even eating a vegan or vegetarian diet will not be sufficient unless you are including a wide variety of beta-glucan rich medicinal mushrooms. This is because foods like celery, cucumber, rice, carrots, tomatoes, avocados, and other natural, whole foods, do not contain beta-glucans. This is especially important for the elderly and also children who are not vaccinated. If your child is not receiving vaccines then it becomes imperative to provide your child a diet rich in medicinal mushrooms.

Giving your family a simple smoothie made from the Herb Bomb™ provides 250 mg of pure immune-boosting polysaccharides, including over 100 mg of 1, 1-3, 6 Beta Glucans. In fact, the Herb Bomb™ was specifically designed to make consuming beta-glucans simple, delicious, and fun! With a delicious flavor and 100% sugar-free this is ideal at any age and a great way to introduce people who eat a conventional diet to the world of superfoods, superherbs, and the all-important beta-glucans.


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