What Exactly is a Complete Protein?

What Exactly is a Complete Protein?


Finding a good quality protein source is important for everybody. Athletes, seniors, soccer moms, teenagers, and even couch potatoes need protein! Protein is responsible for all the repair and muscle building in our body. It creates collagen which is used everywhere inside our body. Our ability to move, bend, stretch, and grow depends upon protein. Therefore, we need to find a great protein source and stick with it.

In America meat is often used as the main source of protein. Adding a protein to salad for many people means throwing sliced chicken breast on top. The reality is, nobody really has a protein deficiency , they have a protein quality deficiency. Meat might be one of the worst sources of protein because we have to cook it, which destroys the amino acids, which is the point of eating protein in the first place.

A quality protein is one that is plant-based, organic, non-gmo, and dairy free. If you read the labels on many ‘protein powders’ you will be shocked to find how much processed dairy, and gmo corn or soy are added as fillers and bulking agents.

Amino Acids

When we look deeper into the structure of protein, we see it is composed of twenty-two amino acids as well as hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and sometimes phosphorus and sulfur. It’s the amino acids that are used by the microscopic machinery within 29 cells as powerful building blocks for all the vital tasks they perform in the body.

Of the twenty-two amino acids that form protein, only thirteen are created by the body. The remaining nine we must take in through our food. When a food contains all nine essential amino acids, we call it a “complete protein.” Several of our favorite plant-based foods meet this standard: AFA algae, almonds, amaranth, bee pollen, black beans, buckwheat, chia seeds, chlorella, kidney beans, marine phytoplankton, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, seaweed, and of course hemp.

The elastic, lightweight amino acids in uncooked plant foods like hemp are highly digestible and fully able to be utilized by the body. The two amino acids found in hemp, edestin and albumin, are very easy to digest and assimilate making it the ideal protein for building lean muscle mass. Hemp also contains heart healthy fats and has a brilliant omega-6 to omega-3 ratio (3:1). This makes hemp anti-inflammatory and perfect for athletes and weekend warriors seeking to keep recovery time to a minimum.

Hemp contains all 9 essential amino acids (plus 11 more!) that are required from food for health. It is all you need for muscle growth and repair. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals for added benefit. When people say they can’t possibly get enough protein without eating animal flesh, it is  important to point out that all the strongest, largest animals on earth feed their enormous bodies with plants—especially algae, green leaves, and plankton.

Finally, hemp contains BCAA (branched chain amino acids) which aids in rapid lean muscle construction. This means that not only will you add lean muscle mass to your body but you will also become much stronger!


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