The Weight Loss Secret Nobody Knows About

Watch Dr. William Davis, M.D., NY Times best-selling author of Wheat Belly and Undoctored, reveal the latest cutting-edge research on how this one hormone can help you lose 19.8 pounds, almost instantly!

There is nothing more powerful on the market to suppress appetite, overcome leptin resistance, increase muscle, change body composition, and increase collagen and skin thickness.

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Transcription of The Weight Loss Secret Nobody Knows About

It gets even more interesting! (Laughter)

They looked at the oxytocin levels! I first thought, “What? What are they looking at oxytocin for??”

Those of you in healthcare or those of you moms who had scheduled deliveries of your babies? You remember you got an oxytocin injection? Remember that?

You said to your obstetrician, “I want to deliver on Tuesday morning at 8am.”

So they give you a big injection of oxytocin and it induces uterine contraction and cervical relaxation and you deliver your child Tuesday at 8am or so. But, oxytocin has proven to be far more than just a drug you give someone to induce delivery.

So, what does oxytocin do? What would happen if we raised your oxytocin?

Now, let’s get beyond this mouse data. A lot of this is human data now.

Well, I don’t know if you know this, oxytocin is the hormone of love. I’m sure you’ve heard that. But it’s so powerful they are actually giving it during marital counseling (laughter) to encourage empathy for your partner’s feelings.

It’s being given to kids with autism spectrum disorder because they have a problem with engagement, looking in the eye kind of stuff, and schizophrenics. So they are giving it to kids with autism and people with schizophrenia and they are having some success in generating empathy and engagement.

It increases bone density. A lot.

So this got Big Pharma all excited, but they don’t want to give you oxytocin because they don’t care to only make a couple hundred million dollars. They try to change it so it can be patent protectable and they can make billions of dollars. So they won’t sell you oxytocin. You can get oxytocin, by the way, but you won’t get it from a drug company. They don’t want to sell you oxytocin, it’s too cheap. They want something they can charge you hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands of dollars per month. So they are busy making derivatives so they can have Sally Fields and people like that have commercials on TV and sell you this stuff. But you can do this on your own without the interference and profiteering of Big Pharma.

You lose weight. Mice lose weight. And now we know humans lose weight.

The Chinese did a very interesting study. Now they gave intranasal oxytocin, not by Lactobacillus reuteri, but intranasal, which you can get, by the way. 24 units four times per day versus placebo. No change in diet. No change in exercise. Nothing.

Just, “Here Jon. Take oxytocin intranasal…or actually, I won’t tell you what it is versus placebo. Okay?”

What happens over two months? Placebo = nothing happens. Right? No surprise.

Oxytocin? 19.8 pounds lost. HUGE. Nothing does that. This was oxytocin intranasal now. I’m not encouraging to buy intranasal oxytocin. You can. You can order it from Singapore. (Laughter) Without a prescription, I mean. But I think there is a better way to do it. I’m just telling you that’s how this science was done.

So extravagant. Big Pharma, of course, wants to do this. But they aren’ going to sell you oxytocin, right? They don’t want pennies. They want billions of dollars, so they are going to come up with a derivative in the coming years and you’ll hear all about it on TV and in commercials.

But you have access potentially to this other strategy to increase your oxytocin. It is an incredibly potent appetite suppressant. It’s hard to believe how powerful it is. And it seems to work more the heavier you are. So if you’re skinny and don’t need to lose weight, you probably won’t get much of an anorexigenic effect. But it is the most powerful appetite suppressant I have ever come across, so much so, that if I had a beautiful big piece of cheesecake for you and you hadn’t eaten in 12 hours you’d say, “Eh. I don’t want any.” it’s that powerful and that’s an oxytocin effect. Oxytocin causes anorexigenic effect. Not anorexia. Something different. That’s a pathological form.

It overcomes leptin resistance. You’ve heard of leptin resistance, right? It’s one of the reasons why people who gain weight have type 2 diabetes and can’t lose weight, because they are resistant. Oxytocin circumvents that. It gets beyond it.

Increased muscle. We’re going to talk about that.

Insulin resistance it changes body composition. Now you know that at least based on the mouse data and the human data there is a dramatic increase in skin thickness and increased collagen. So all you ladies know, right? What happens to skin as we age? We lose collagen. Elasticity. That’s exactly right. Because collagen is responsible for elasticity. so here we have a way to increase collagen, not by a little bit like collagen hydrolysates or bone broth. We’re talking about a magnificent increase.

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