The World’s Healthiest Coffee

The World’s Healthiest Coffee

For many people, waking up to the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee is one of life’s most delicious pleasures…except, of course, if you’re one of the thousands who experience stomachaches, jitters, or headaches from the dark brew.

With every single one of you in mind, Longevity Coffee® launched with the goal of creating the world’s healthiest coffee. It had to be certified organic, fair trade coffee that EVERYONE (even people with the most sensitive systems) could drink without experiencing digestive problems, energy crashes, or long-term health consequences. After years of research and development, Longevity Coffee® is packed with benefits and proud to call itself The World’s Healthiest Coffee!

How did Longevity Coffee® accomplish this goal?

The winning combination is Longevity Coffee’s top-of-the-line beans mixed with their one-of-a-kind roaster. Their premium coffee beans work synergistically with their unique roaster to produce the most nutritious and delicious coffees on the planet! No other coffee company comes even close to what Longevity Coffee® is doing. 

the world's healthiest coffee

Let’s dig down into the details of this health-conscious coffee! Ready?

Longevity Coffee® is:

1. Certified Organic and Fair Trade

Conventional coffee is one of the world’s most pesticide-ladden crops in the world, which is why Longevity Coffee® ONLY uses certified organic beans. The Arabica beans are mainly cultivated on small, family farms in high altitude areas with rich soil and clean, natural water sources.

Anyone can say their coffee is grown organically, but unless it is inspected and certified, you have no guarantee of what you are drinking.

2. Low Chlorogenic Acid (CA)

This odd sounding acid is responsible for the bitterness of coffee, as well as the side effects of indigestion, heartburn, and acid reflux. An average cup of coffee has 5-6 mg/mL of CA. Longevity Coffees® measure as low as 0.017 mg/mL – extraordinarily lower than the rest of the industry!

Say goodbye to digestive upset, headaches, jitters, and the coffee crash. Forever. 

3. Proprietary Roasting Process

Longevity Coffee’s singularly unique roaster took over five years to conceive of, design, and construct. There is no other roaster like this in the world! It produces toxin-free, exceptional coffees that are very low in acid, without compromising flavor, while using 85% less energy than a comparably sized roaster.

4. Rich, Delicious Flavor

Longevity Coffee® beans are hand-picked and hand-sorted at the peak of ripeness so there is no possible contamination with unripe, bitter-tasting green coffee cherry. The beans are wash-processed to destroy any toxins from taking up residence in the beans, which would add an unsavory bitterness, as well as dangerous health consequences to the coffee. The unique roasting process then ensures all toxins are removed while perfectly roasting each bean to the ideal temperature for a peak flavor profile.

Longevity Coffee® Compared to Other Coffees

health benefits of coffee

The Midnight Blend Dark Roast

Hailing from Timor, Columbia, and Nicaragua, this intense, deep blend will be the favorite of all dark coffee lovers.

It’s unforgettable, richly textured aroma has a bittersweet chocolate flavor with notes of caramel, hazelnut, and black pepper.

Roaster’s Reserve Medium Roast

A fusion of Ethiopian and Colombian beans, this bold blend boasts flavors of old fashioned malted chocolate, ripe plum, and a melange of Silk Road spices.

With its nuanced floral notes, this rich and full-bodied coffee is one you will not soon forget.

Sunrise Blend Light Roast

The seamless integration of Sumatran, Chiapas, and Oaxacan beans offers a clean, bright burst of flavors with each sip. This well-balanced pairing offers tangy, white pepper notes with a whisper of sweet butter caramel at the finish.

Wake up each morning to greet the day with this delicious Sunrise Blend.

Decaffeinated Medium-to-Dark Roast

Oaxacan coffee beans are processed via a proprietary, chemical free method resulting in a 99.9% caffeine free coffee. (Industry standard is 85%!)

This incredibly smooth roast opens with the taste of sweet dark fruit and finishes with notes of dark chocolate.

The future of coffee has arrived.

Are you ready to make the switch to the World’s Healthiest Coffee™?

Longevity Coffee


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