Can a Gluten Free Diet Make You Fat?

Learn about why eating ‘gluten-free’ requires educating yourself on the ingredients used to replace wheat and how food corporations have stayed one step ahead of the public… until now. In this video presentation, learn how to sidestep the ‘tricks of the trade’ used to keep you buying a gluten free diet while still giving you substandard ingredients that cause your waistline to bulge!

Transcript of Can a Gluten Free Diet Make You Fat?

So with gluten free diets, this is another very huge popular craze, right? Because there are many people who are becoming aware that they are gluten-sensitive. They may even have Celiac Disease, and I know that many people feel better, just better, when they get off gluten because they eliminate so many processed foods from their diet.

But what the gluten free industry has figured out is, ‘we need to capitalize on this,’ and ‘we need to ride this wave,” and the way they’ve been able to do this is to use really cheap, processed, refined flours like white rice flour, like tapioca starch, like fattening other types of refined grains to make these gluten free products, as well as sugar.

So one of the things that many of the gluten free products and breads have on the shelf, they have sugar added to them; whereas many of the wheat products don’t when you come to like, making a basic loaf of bread.

So a lot of these starches and a lot of these flours increase blood sugar levels dramatically, and so many of the people who eat these processed gluten free products don’t end up losing weight, and they don’t end up feeling better, and they end up in that same yo-yo cycling.

So what you have to do if you’re on a gluten free diet is you have to go back to real food.

You have to go back to quinoa and buckwheat and seeds and nuts. You need to be able to eat amaranth and other really whole nutritious grains, not rely on the food industry to create your products for you.

I don’t have Celiac Disease, but you know I feel for people who do because you want alternatives. You want to be able to make a chocolate chip cookie really fast or, something, right? You want to be able to go to the grocery store and be able to eat something.

There is a way to make a product that promotes health and there is another way to make a product that robs health, and that is what the food industry has figured out how to do, even in the gluten free industry.

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