The Scientific Breakthrough that Heals Brown & Black Hair

The Scientific Breakthrough that Heals Brown & Black Hair

Hairprint® is a revolutionary process that restores gray hair to its true color without using dyes or chemicals. Invented by Dr. John Warner, the father of Green Chemistry, Hairprint® is a safe and non-toxic process that mimics what hair follicles do naturally: infuse hair with its own pigment. The end result is a do-it-at-home, easy way to restore color to hair, as well as transform the health of the hair. Hairprint® adds strength, sheen, and body, while being gentle and completely natural.

  Easily Restore Your Hair To It’s Natural Color Without Dyes or Chemicals  

Permanent hair dyes were invented in 1907 and have barely changed since then. They were created at a time when there was less awareness of the harmful effects of the toxins, endocrine disruptors, coal tar dyes, carcinogens, and other chemicals that cause continual damage to the hair and scalp.

Instead of dying your hair, Hairprint® heals the structure of your hair. It restores your natural color by creating a process that reproduces the natural pigment within your hair. Using 8 food-grade ingredients, pigment is restored and your innate hair color is revived.

Hairprint® can be applied by you at home or by a stylist in a salon. It is a three-step process, with each step taking a little over 20 minutes.

  Enhance Natural Beauty Without Causing Harm
To Your Body or the Environment  

Hair dye is similar to plastic, in that it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, but never truly goes away. It is one of the most pernicious pollutants in the world and over 3 billion pounds are dumped into the water supply every year.
Hairprint® is the world’s first and only hair coloring product made from food-grade ingredients that reproduces your hair’s pigment naturally.

100% Chemical Free. 100% Non-Toxic. Odor Free. Hypoallergenic


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