The Hidden Cause of Cavities and Tooth Decay

Transcription of “The Hidden Cause of Cavities and Tooth Decay with Nadine Artemis” is below.


If you suffer from cavities, then fluoride treatments and toothpaste might be right for you.

However, possible side effects may include: bleeding gums, dental fluorosis, sclerosis, dementia diagnosis, pitted and crumbled teeth, impaired myelin sheath, acne, arthritis, gingivitis, gastritis, disrupted collagen synthesis, hip fractures, hyperactivity, damaged sperm mobility, increased infertility, suppressed immune system, impaired glucose metabolism, impaired bone formations, cell mutation, DNA alteration, tooth discoloration, frequent urination, and reduced IQ. So, go ahead and ask your dentist is fluoride right for you!

With all of these documented side effects, fluoride probably isn’t the answer.

To truly grasp how cavities form, we need to understand how teeth are nourished and cleansed from the inside by the dentinal lymph system. Devastation results from not understanding that our teeth are intimately connect to our bodies blood stream and lymph.

It is through this intimate connect, this systemic connection, that some medications and chemicals such as fluoride and antibiotics can contribute to brittle, discolored, even crumbling teeth by suppressing the dentinal lymph system affecting bone mineralization, microbial diversity, saliva pH and volume, and endocrine function.

The dentinal lymph system is a toroidal system. So teeth are fed from their roots by the dentinal lymph system, just like tree roots draw up nutrient via their root system. So in this toroidal system, the lymph liquid flows inwards and upwards, into the tooth’s core, the pulp chamber, and out onto the enamel. Like microscopic sweat, these tiny droplets coalesce onto the surface of the enamel forming a fluid layer, preventing biofilm formation and coalescing with the saliva to lubricate and communicate with the mouth’s microbiome.

When this system is properly metabolized and functional, it acts like an invisible toothbrush. As an invisible toothbrush, it prevents the penetration of pathogens and it deters dental decay.

But, this system can stagnate and even fully reverse.

Processed food like sugar, carbohydrates, and processed food in general, spike insulin levels and dis-harmonize hormones, causing the dental fluid to reverse. When this happens, capillaries in the tooth suck in bacteria like a straw and that causes infection in the dentin tubules and pulp chamber.

This once self-cleansing system becomes self-contaminating and that creates like a “leaky tooth,” and THIS is the genesis of cavity creation.

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