The New Food Pyramid (part 1)

Join Dr. Steven Gundry, M.D. for a look at his new food pyramid (with lots of avocados!) and the advanced theory behind ‘you are what you eat’ for a fresh look at longevity, weight loss, and health.

Transcript of ‘The New Food Pyramid’ (part 1) with Dr. Stephen Gundy

This is the most important rule if you walk out of here and say, “Boy that was boring, but I remember this one thing…”

What I tell you not to eat is far more important than what I tell you to eat. Absolutely, positively true. What you don’t eat will change your life, it’s not what you eat.

Now, I was just alluding to this, you are what you ate, but you’re also the thing that what you are eating ate. That’s what’s so dramatically changed in our culture.

Now, no offense to David, fruit might as well be candy! Our modern fruit has been raised for sugar content.

When I was young an apple was about the size of a crabapple. Now, it’s the size of a cantaloupe. And we don’t just eat a little tiny piece of apple, we eat the whole thing! Oranges are bigger, everything is bigger. And one of the things I will show you if we get the chance is a paper that we showed by taking fruit and seeded vegetables away from people, they lost weight and their cholesterol totally changed.

Now, finally, not eating is just as important as eating. If you remember a second thing, that’s it.

Here’s the new food pyramid, the government probably doesn’t like this. At the bottom is lots of olive oil, lots of avocados, lots of extra dark chocolate and lot’s of cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, tubers. Second, don’t eat anything! The more you skip meals the healthier you will be…(clapping)


Dr. Steven Gundry is a featured speaker at The Longevity Now® Conference 2018. He is a former cardiac surgeon responsible for pioneering breakthrough techniques and currently focuses his time on researching the impact of diet and foods on human health.


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