The New Food Pyramid (part 2)

Join Dr. Steven Gundry, M.D. for a look at his new food pyramid (with lots of dark chocolate!) and the shocking truth you might not be aware of when it comes to free range and organic chicken.

Transcript of ‘The New Food Pyramid (part 2)’ with Dr. Stephen Gundy

Here’s the new food pyramid, the government probably doesn’t like this. At the bottom is lots of olive oil, lots of avocados, lots of extra dark chocolate, and lots of cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, and tubers. Second,  don’t eat anything! The more you skip meals the healthier you will be.

In the winter, usually from January through June, I don’t eat breakfast. I don’t eat lunch and I eat all my calories between two hours: six and eight o’clock at night, so 22 out of 24 hours I’m fasting.

I got a little behind this year in that program, to treat my brain in a different way, but that’s what I do. I’ve done that now, this will be my 11th year of doing that, so it definitely works.

The next thing is you want green bananas and tubers, like sweet potatoes and yams, you can actually have some persimmons.

You want some coconut and other nuts.

Then the next one is shellfish.

Pastured poultry, organic free-range chickens by law are kept in a warehouse, they are not allowed to roam. By law you have to open a door to the outside for five minutes every 24 hours and the chicken has the potential to go outside. Now if you’ve ever raised chickens, they wouldn’t be that dumb to stick their head out the window because there’s probably a fox out there, but that’s the law.

Okay, A2 milk products…and good news: wine and champagne. Yes! There’s a study out of France that champagne is protective to women for dementia. My wife has that study pinned to the refrigerator.

I said, “What are you doing honey?” and she says, “I’m preventing dementia leave me alone!”


Dr. Steven Gundry is a featured speaker at The Longevity Now® Conference 2018. He is a former cardiac surgeon responsible for pioneering breakthrough techniques and currently focuses his time on researching the impact of diet and foods on human health.

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