Doing THIS Destroys Your Back and Spine

Billy DeMoss delivers an important message about taking care of your spine, dealing with spine trauma, and getting your face out of your cell phone!

Transcription of Billy DeMoss Video, The Importance of Spine Health and Posture

There it is. You’re supposed to have a curve in your neck, and we know from bio-mechanical studies, it should be about 43 degrees in a perfect world.

Why do I have a good neck? Because I do this a lot (imitates laying down on belly with neck up). In Indonesia, I would paddle for six hours and let me tell you that’s gonna put a curve in your neck because you can’t surf with your head down in your cell phone checking all your Facebook messages.

Okay, and then you sit at your desk and then when people get old they are like walking around like this, right? (lurching forward)

You don’t see anybody walking around like this (lurching backwards)

So just look…this is just common sense, okay?

But the further forward you go (this is a study and I’ll get to it later) the further forward you go, this is what the study said, ‘the more pain and disability you will have as you get older.’

And I go, “Why can’t you say the further you go forward the faster you what? … You die!” Because when your neck is forward, from forward head posture, from staring at your phone all day, it stretches your spinal cord and it compresses the disc in your neck. And then what happens to the discs is they, what?

They degenerate.

So like, look at this neck. This neck is actually 15 years younger than mine. Do you see the difference in the discs there? I wish I could show you. Okay, perfect.

See these spurs right here? It’s just like if you never brush your teeth and floss, your teeth will rot. If you don’t do things for your spine, your spine will rot. It’s that simple.

So that’s what we do. We take a picture and we see where you’re at and then we adjust you because part of it is we’ve had traumas. Sometimes people come in and say, “Nope I’ve never had anything. I’ve never had a trauma” and I go, “You floated around in that little protective bubble for 40 years, right dude”?

And it’s like, then they come back the next day and say, “Yeah I remember once I was driving a car and I flew off a cliff and hit a helicopter and I forgot about that though”.

So you have trauma and the trauma creates adhesions and scar tissue which starts to restrict your range of motion.

 Now when you get older, do you have more mobility or less?

Less. Because it’s an accumulation of scar tissue.

The adjustments not only help realign things, as I teach you, but it also helps put mobility back in your spine because motion is what?

Motion is life. Motion is what feeds your brain.

So you can take somebody that has Alzheimer’s and work on upper cervical where there is the highest density of these things called mechanoreceptors and make sure that’s all moving because that’s what feeds the brain what it needs to stay healthy.

Are you with me?


Dr. Billy DeMoss is the owner and lead chiropractor at DeMoss Chiropractic. His goal as a chiropractor is to educate and empower people with an understanding of how the human body functions so that wise decisions can be made about their health and well-being. Dr. Billy lives and works to encourage people to lead healthier and happier lives. He believes the greatest wealth of all is health.

He graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1985 and is certified in Chiropractic Spinal Trauma and BioPhysics. He has worked hard to keep doors open for the community of Newport Beach for 26 years because he truly cares about his practice and is confident that chiropractic care is right for everyone.

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