The Antioxidant Hangover Cure

The Antioxidant Hangover Cure

So, you had a super-fun, danced-until-you-dropped, enjoyed “one too many” libation sort of night.

You stumbled into bed with a huge smile still plastered on your face, but now it’s a few hours later, and…

You’re awake. And the smile is gone.

Your head is probably not your favorite body part right now, and your stomach is probably a close second.


As you groan and try to sit up, you think to yourself:
Now what do I do?


Presenting! The Antioxidant Hangover Cure!

(Sorry… did we say that too loudly?)


You’re going to want to sip this slowly and allow all the powerful antioxidants to do their work. You can thank us later. When you’re feeling better.


The Antioxidant Hangover Cure



1 cup Coconut Water


1 small Banana


1/2 cup fresh or frozen Organic Blueberries


Handful of Organic Greens



(If you’ve never tried Dragon Herbs Tonic Alchemy, it delivers arguably the widest range of nutrition of any superfood product in the world. With thousands of phyto-nutrients, 20 of the greatest super tonic herbs,  7 probiotic microorganisms, and 6 wildcrafted sea vegetables, this mix will replenish ANYTHING you lost last night (and probably more).
Optional: Raw Organic Honey to taste.


Directions: Blend all ingredients together and enjoy chilled.


Pretty soon, you’ll be back to your old self again. Pinky swear.


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