Super Metabolism Booster Tea

Super Metabolism Booster Tea

At this point of the holiday season, our days are pretty synonymous with food.


Family gatherings involve appetizers lining the counters around us, beckoning us to pop them into our mouths; rich, heavy meals covered with gravies and sauces are placed before us; tables laden with all sorts of decadent desserts tempt us with treats we wouldn’t normally go near.

Aunt Martha thinks we’re rude if we don’t try her cheese spread. Nana gets insulted if we don’t try her cookies. And don’t even get us started on Uncle Mike and his reaction to us nicely trying to get out of that 3rd helping of his pasta creation…What’s a person to do???



Stop the caloric madness right now and start fighting back with this Super Metabolism Booster Tea!

The added bonus to this recipe? You can be a stealthy health ninja while drinking this if you need to. No obvious green smoothie mustaches here!


What am I drinking, Aunt Martha? Why, it’s just tea…

Eliminate that sluggish feeling, kick the sugar crashes to the curb, and get back that steady energy you had before the holiday binging began. We vote you make a big batch of this simple 4-ingredient tea and serve it up everywhere you go over the next few days.

Your friends and family just might thank you…and even if they don’t, your metabolism certainly will!

Super Metabolism Booster Tea


2 cups warm Dragon Herbs Spring Dragon Longevity Tea

1 TBS Food for the Immortals® Longevity Coconut Oil

Juice of half a lemon

Fresh or dried ginger root to taste


Blend all the ingredients together and drink while warm, at least 30 minutes before you eat your food.

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