Minerals are the Key to Longevity and Health

Minerals are the Key to Longevity and Health

Your body requires nutrients to function. You probably give it the macronutrients it needs every day (like proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) without realizing you also need micronutrients (like minerals) just as much. 95% of your body’s functions are fueled by minerals! They are critically important for your body to grow, develop, and stay healthy – and your body can’t produce them, you must eat them.

Demineralization: An Epidemic

Minerals in our soil

We take in minerals from our fruits and vegetables, which absorb them from the soil. As farming practices have changed, American soils have become grossly depleted of minerals and loaded with toxic chemicals instead. A study done in the 1990s revealed that most soils in America contain a whopping 86% less minerals than they did in the late 19th century.

Mineral-depleted soils produce mineral-depleted crops. We are now three to four generations into a serious food mineral deficiency crisis. They are even contributing to the obesity epidemic now because without the minerals that shut off your appetite such as magnesium, your body will signal you to keep eating as it searches for the minerals it needs.

Demineralization has been scientifically linked to poor health and disease. It affects your bones, tissues, organs, blood, brain, digestion, skin, teeth, hearing, vision, nerves, hormones, immune system, and more. Are you tired all the time? Is your hair thinning? Do you have acne? Are you prone to illness? Do you know anyone with osteoporosis? All of these plus SO much more can result from mineral depletion. When you understand how critical minerals are in your body, it makes sense that your health can be radically improved by eating mineral-­rich foods or radically diminished when you don’t.

Numerous studies have concluded that organically-grown produce contains significantly higher amounts of minerals, and doesn’t contain all the toxic chemical agents used in conventional farming methods. Following the logic of ”you are what you eat” when you consume mineral-rich plants that are free of chemical toxins, you become mineral-rich too.

The Two Minerals Groups: Macro and Trace

Minerals in our food

Macro means “large” in Greek and includes calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, chloride, and sulfur. Your body needs larger amounts of macrominerals than trace minerals. Trace minerals include iron, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc, cobalt, fluoride, and selenium.

Did you know each cell in your body has over 4,000 different types of enzymes lying dormant, just waiting to be activated? To become active, they need both major and minor minerals to be present. Most people never fully activate all of their enzymes because they lack the minerals required to do so. If every single cell in your body had the minerals and nutrients required to activate the enzymes within it, your body could become fully healthy. Imagine that?

The Easiest Ways to Remineralize

An excellent way to quickly flood your body with minerals is through the use of grass juices, such as wheatgrass and barley grass. Grasses are one of the few known plants that have the ability to absorb all the minerals present in the soil. If you consume grasses grown in mineral-rich soil, this is an excellent way to support your body.

Not everyone loves the taste of grass though, and you can never be assured of how many minerals they really contain because you don’t know how rich the soil was that grew them.

Shilajit Extract Powder is our #1 pick for mineralization as it contains an abundant amount of major and trace minerals. It always contains the full spectrum of dietary minerals and trace minerals needed for excellent health. With 88+ dietary minerals and trace minerals, along with fulvic and humic acid, it is truly the easiest way to get the minerals you need into your daily diet. Add a pinch to your coffee, smoothie, or try the Longevity Warehouse® recipe for Flame Away Tea and start remineralizing your body, today!


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