Are You Still Exposing Yourself to THIS Pesticide?

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  1. Gayle Meagher

    hunched over bc her dress is way too short! she is a professional and should know better. I appreciate her hard work and follow her. But, when I clicked on this I was shocked!! yes way too young…..

    • lorengreig

      Dress too short… huh??? Come on people, grow up. Let go of the trivial stuff and focus your energy on the positive. How about using it to help make the world a better place instead of being stuck in the negative. It’s wonderful that she has brought our attention to what to watch for in non GMO… AND, besides, she has great legs.

      • Lamasha Mary Adams

        I agree about the dress length. Yes it does impact our perceptions. I do not take this person as seriously when I am looking at her legs longer than her face. Yes the dress does not become her figure. If a person wants to be in front of an audience and not going out for the evening, dress down.

  2. Kdisqus

    Loved dress and love how happy and healthy she looks. Is it professional for David to show chest hair? Does that blind or distract others from his overall good and work to date?? Is it professional to show a bit of cleavage? Wear a baseball hat? Wear wrinkled hemp attire instead chemical laden dry cleaned suits? Who makes up these rules?
    I enjoy working on letting go of negatively judging anyone on that basis – also enjoy finding the positive in positive people. Vani and others like her work hard for the good of all and I’m inspired.

  3. Brady Thompson

    David, this does nothing for your credibility by putting up a non-credentialed blogger to talk about things she knows nothings about as demonstrated by this sad display above.

  4. Brady Thompson

    This is the same lady that claimed airlines were diluting the air in the cabins with 50% nitrogen. The atmosphere is actually about 80% nitrogen folks. Please don’t give her a platform to diffuse myths and wives tales.

    • Gavin Varitech

      Not only that she chastised the airline for not pumping 100% oxygen into the cabin! Because that wouldn’t be dangerous out anything! LOL! Not only could it poison people on a long enough flight, but it would turn the plane into a bomb. An unstable one ready to explode at a moment’s notice.

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