How Often Should You Detoxify?

Transcription of “How Often Should You Detoxify”

My mantra is that toxic overload is so common that detoxification has become imperative. Imperative.

Now not that all of you want to lose weight. But I imagine 100% of you in this room need to detoxify. And when I say that, I’m not saying it in a way that is blaming or saying you need to detox all the time. Because just like you can have too much estrogen, or not enough estrogen, or too much testosterone, or not enough testosterone, you can have too much detoxification, or not enough detoxification. And I want you to find that happy medium. That’s part of our goal today.

So, we’re going to talk about something called the exposome. Has anyone heard of the exposome before? There are all these new words that have come out.

You’ve probably heard of the term “microbiome”? The set of bacteria and their DNA, the microbes that you carry around in your gut. They outnumber human cells about 10:1. The next 10-20 years of medicine is going to be all about the microbiome. It’s a really fascinating area but I’m not actually going to talk about the entire microbiome today.

I want to talk about certain aspects of the microbiome, including the estrobolome which is the set of bacteria and microbes and their DNA that determine your body’s estrogen levels and can either put you at greater risk or lesser risk for estrogen-related cancers, such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, for the guys in the room, prostate cancer. This is a hot new area that I want to talk about today because detoxification is a big part of fixing your estrobolome.

So I want you to leave with seven steps to detoxify and one of them is related to the estrobolome.

We’re going to talk about the exposome in just a moment and this is basically the exposures that we have in the environment – these are external exposures – plus the internal environment that we have. Because what happens in the body is sometimes a good idea goes awry, especially in the liver.

So you have all of these biochemical processes in the liver, and we are going to talk about some of them today, many of them can create biochemically hazardous waste in your body. And so we have to figure out, how do we get rid of those things before they wreak havoc? So, we’ll talk about the exposome and some of the ways you can measure it. Then we’re going to talk about the Seven Best Practices to reduce your body burden. And, some of them are a little…playful.

Mother Jones. Does anyone read Mother Jones in the room? I’m a fan. And I love a recent article about how big chemistry is the big tobacco of the 21st century.

So David Wolfe and I were just talking about the number of chemicals that we’ve been exposed to since World War II. I’ve seen various counts. It’s somewhere around 70,000 – 80,000 new chemicals. And the worst part for me is that these new chemicals are considered innocent until proven guilty. I believe it should be the other way around. They should be assumed to be guilty until proven innocent. That’s the idea behind the precautionary principle.

We’re all exposed to these chemicals on a constant basis and so we have to figure out, what do we do to reduce the body burden?

And, I want to focus on some of those novel ways of reducing body burden today.

This photo is not me. But it could be me. This woman is maybe feeling a little crazy, maybe exposed to lead. And here’s what I want you to do. For the women in the room, can you get your purse for a minute and just grab your lipstick or your lipgloss?

Just pull it out. Grab your lipstick. Play along with me.

If you’re a guy and you have any chapstick – you know my husband has chapstick in his pocket. I’ve been trying to change that for 15 years and he still hasn’t changed it.

So pull out your lipstick. I want you to hold it up and probably the writing on it is too fine to read it right now, but I want you to look at what is in your lipstick. So take a look. See if you can discern what is in there.

Have you ever looked at it before? It’s kind of an interesting exercise.

So maybe some of you have some organic lipstick or organic lipgloss. Do you? Raise your hand if it’s organic. That’s great!

I’m not going to make you raise your hand if it’s toxic. We’ll just assume the rest of you maybe are going to get some organic lipstick at the break.

So here’s the deal:

The average woman consumes 10 pounds of lead through her lipstick over her lifetime.

10 pounds of lead. That’s a lot of lead. That’s way higher than the toxic limit.

If you think about, you know, being exposed to lead paint, one of the problems we have when you live in an older house, the amount that you get exposed to from lead paint actually pales in comparison to toxic  lipstick. And I mention this because I am someone who is very careful about my toxic exposure. I’m married to a guy who started the U.S. Green Building Counsel. And so we have a very non-toxic home. I use only organic products.

But I also told you I’m 47. And one of the things that happens at 47 is that your bones start to turn over more. And if you have stored lead and mercury and other heavy metals in your bones, it starts to get released into your blood supply again when you’re in peri-menopause.

So it’s a time where you start to see higher levels of toxic metals.

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