5 Steps to a Flat Stomach

Transcription of “5 Steps to a Flat Stomach”.

Let’s talk about the gut. How to reboot the gut.

Now, this is not a talk on the gut, but the gut is so central. The gut is so sexy! I want to talk about the gut a little bit and I want to talk about the “5R plan” to heal the gut.

So, this is something that we do in our detox online. The 5Rs are pretty easy to remember.

The first is: REMOVE.

So, you remove sensitivities and allergens and also the bugs that don’t belong there, like parasites, protozoa, yeast. I know Donna Gates is here, and she is like my go-to guru when it comes to removing yeast in the body.

So, we want to remove these things that don’t belong. They are the people that are creating the frat party and we don’t want a frat party in the gut. We want a nice little sacred ritual happening every day when you eat.

It’s amazing to me when I lead my detox, how many people discover that they have a number of sensitivities.

So, I’ve known for a long time that I have a gluten sensitivity, but it wasn’t until I started looking at the research that I realized, “Oh! 50% of people that have a gluten sensitivity also have a dairy sensitivity,” and so you want to periodically eliminate some of the most common food intolerances and see how your body responds. Create that blank canvas that I think is so important for your health.

Then you want to REPLACE the good stuff.

So you get rid of the bad stuff, remove it, and then you want to replace the good stuff. What’s the good stuff? Well, I already talked about eating a pound of vegetables a day. Maybe two pounds….fiber is so important!

So, on average, I try to aim for 35-45 grams of fiber per day for people that I am working with, 35-45 grams of fiber per day.

Our paleo ancestors ate about 100 grams of fiber per day. Now that, it takes some time to build up to eating that much fiber but, oh my gosh, they did not have breast cancer! They did not have prostate cancer and many of them lived a long time. They lived long enough to have those.

Then, you want to REPOPULATE.

You want to restore the good bacteria, and this is one of those areas where we don’t have enough data. We’re pretty good with about 16-20 different species in the gut, but there is still this like, big black box, where we don’t totally understand what kind of ratios we want in the gut.

If you want to check out your gut, one thing I would recommend is this really interesting citizen science project called the “UBiome”. Has anyone heard of the UBiome? So, it’s the letter “U”, “B-i-o-m-e”. It’s a very inexpensive way of checking out your microbiome and seeing what species you have there, that you are carrying around.

Then, number 4 is REPAIR.

Repair the gut lining. It is very common for people who are making too many toxic metabolites in their body to have leaky gut.


Sometimes you might hear of the “4R protocol” for the gut versus the “5R protocol” for the gut.

I like the 5R, because it addresses some of those lifestyle issues, because the number one reason for leaky gut that I see in my practice, is stress. Like, crazy stress, and stress pokes holes in your gut and makes your immune system over-activated.

It leads to things like Hashimoto’s, autoimmune thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis. There are many other things that lead to this problem, but it’s one of those things that we’ve got to interrupt.

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