Four Reasons Why You Need to Roast Your Organic, Low Acid Coffee Beans From Home!

Four Reasons Why You Need to Roast Your Organic, Low Acid Coffee Beans From Home!

Reason #1: Coffee is a PERFECT delivery vehicle for herbal nutrition. Mixing medicinal herbs & superfoods (like reishi, chaga, and jungle grown cacao) into your coffee roasts will not only infuse your freshly roasted brews with even more nutritious & delicious healing properties… but turn you into the most sophisticated coffee brewer on your block! (Recipes coming soon).

Reason #2: The aroma from roasting coffee beans smells incredible in your home (better, in our opinion, than any candle, incense, or essential oil)!

Reason #3: Roasting delicious, organic coffee from home is easier – and quicker – than most people think. All you need is a stovetop, a pan, and some low acid, organic green coffee beans.

Reason #4: Roasting your own coffee is fun! In fact, there’s a reason why our ancestors gathered around campfires for centuries, roasting superfoods like maca with their coffee blends… it not only activates the alkaloids that makes coffee such a great brain food, but also tastes and smells delicious.


Step #1: Get 1 cup of organic, fermented & unroasted green coffee beans.

There are lots of inexpensive green coffee beans available online, but if you plan on taking a few minutes to roast them yourself, why not start with the best green coffee beans you can find? We recommend Longevity Coffee® beans because they are organic, fermented, unroasted & picked from the pristine Valley of Longevity in Ecuador. *

This is where the magic happens! Let the coffee beans sit in the pan for approximately 3-4 minutes (or until they start browning).

Once you smell the wonderful coffee aroma from wafting from the pan, begin stirring the beans slowly so you get an even “toast”. You will want to continue stirring the beans until they are evenly roasted (this takes around 10 minutes).

Step #3: Once your coffee is roasted, allow to cool for a few minutes, and then grind and serve!


Some coffee experts recommend NOT grinding the beans for at least 48 hours (to allow the oils to propagate). This sounds like a great idea to us, but we’ve never been able to wait that long because the roasted beans always smell so amazing!

But you may have more willpower than us… we suggest doing your own research on the best time for you to grind and brew the beans 🙂

There is nothing more delicious and nutritious than fresh roasted organic, low acid coffee beans!

Towards the end of each roast, you can even experiment and add your own special ingredients like habaneros or spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

My favorite roast is adding three tablespoons of organic jungle grown cacao nibs to one cup of green coffee beans and roasting together for an incredible mocha-coffee roast!

The possibilities are endless!

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