Fat Flush Vinaigrette Dressing

Fat Flush Vinaigrette Dressing

It’s almost the New Year, and what does the New Year inevitably bring?

Salads, Salads, and more Salads!


Because if you’re like the majority of Americans facing the New Year and your list of resolutions, fat loss is probably at the top of your goals.

Right now, you’re probably imagining at least a month of greens, likely without any accompaniment because your fat loss goals won’t be met if you douse your salad in creamy ranch dressing. Half your available calories in two tablespoons of dressing will mean the end of your resolutions before you even begin!

So, what will you do?

Will you go a month or more without any tasty dressing on your greens? Are you destined to a life of cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, kale, broccoli, and green beans without any accompanying flavor?

No Way! Weight Loss without Flavor is just Unkind!

We propose a simple, fat-burning dressing recipe that will have you humming to yourself as you’re ripping up those greens, slicing up those cucumbers, and stripping kale from the stem.

This wondrous concoction is filled with superfoods that will transform your weight loss goals from the inside out, guaranteeing that not only will you lose that unwanted weight, but you will grow to crave that next bite of nutrition and the super health it brings.

Master Tip: If you get tired of this one flavor, spice it up with a little bit of turmeric, or a little bit of sage or thyme, or maybe a bit of coriander. Spices are the bomb when it comes to flavorful weight loss. Find the combination that you love best!

So what are you waiting for?

Blend this baby up and get started burning fat right now!




6 oz. water


2 TBS Organic Coconut Oil, warmed to liquid



1 TBS Fresh Parsley


1 TBS Fresh Lemon Juice


1 clove Garlic


1 tsp Mustard (dried)


Directions: Blend all ingredients together and toss onto your salad.

Oh, and don’t forget to do THIS in the middle of your kitchen, because now you know how to burn fat with FLAVOR!

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