Exercise Tips for People Who HATE Exercise!

At The Longevity Now® Conference 2013, P90X creator, Tony Horton revealed the keys for long-term exercise success that everyone can be victorious when following. Enjoy this movement-filled presentation from Tony’s speech with written transcript below!

Transcript of Exercise Tips for People Who HATE Exercise!

Einstein. Doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result.

If you own an elliptical. Who owns an elliptical? Raise your hand.

Bring it down to the curb. Cover it in kerosene and light that thing on fire, and watch it burn. Alright? Do this instead.

(Tony Exercises.)

I threw that in. You don’t have to do that last part.

So, the key here, for success for wanting to do the 5-7 days a week, because it’s got to be something you want to do, it can’t be “Ohhhh, I gotta exercise because Tony says so…because my doctor said so…and i have to because it’s going to make me look different in the future so I can look good in a dress at a wedding in front of a bunch of people who don’t care.”

You’re trying to avoid boredom. Injuries occur from doing the same things over and over again. Right?

Boredom, injuries and plateaus.

So, the hope and the dream is, that you find a fitness equation. (P90X is a good one.) It doesn’t have to be. (I have bills to pay.)

Anyway…it can be anything. I mean, look how much I’ve done up here and I haven’t used a trainer. I haven’t used a piece of equipment. You just play. You just find, it’s the human body and it’s the Mother Earth.

Anybody here not a human? Not a human? Aliens?

(Points to an audience member.)

Not a human? Well, you’re good man. Whatever. Fly into space. Do your thing.

But if you’re a human, and you have Mother Earth and gravity, you can get ‘er done. So the key, the key thing here that comes to avoiding injuries, plateaus, and boredom, which is usually what stops most people in their tracks…

Anybody suffer from one of those 3 things when exercising with an exercise program? Raise your hand.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. How’d that work out for you?

Really bad.

So, the key here is? Variety. Variety is the spice of fitness.

So, if that means you’ve been lifting weights your whole life? Go to yoga. Go to pilates.

If you’ve been doing yoga and pilates, it’s time to start lifting weights.

If you’ve been on that elliptical machine, and you haven’t seen any results, it’s time to start doing some body weight exercises.

It’s about mixing it up because the more you mix it up, the more you change it up, the more variety there is in your fitness, the less likely it is that you’ll get bored or injured or plateau.

So, here is my weekly routine that I’ve created for myself. On Monday night, I have about 5-12 people come over to my house and we do plyometrics, so you know, we do about 500 of these (exercises) and then we do a crapload of those (exercises).

You know, big range of motion exercises where your body is going up, it’s going down, it’s going left, it’s going right, it’s going forward, it’s going backward. This is how people move on the earth. This is how athletes move to become better athletes and, oh by the way, it burns a ton of calories and it changes your body quickly.

“But Tony, I’m 420 pounds, and I can’t even come close to doing that stuff.”

So what do you do? You do this.

Richard Neal bought P90X. He weighed 420 pounds. The first workout was all pull-ups and all push-ups. What most people who weigh 420 pounds would do, they’d go, “Okay. I’m out. I’m out. This guy is out of his mind. I can’t do it.”

So, I was in a chat one night, and people come on and say, “I have a bunch of weight to lose. I can’t do any of these exercises.”

I say, “What CAN you do? Don’t focus on what you CANNOT do.”

If you can’t do pull-ups, put your foot on a chair, put both your feet on a chair.

“But those aren’t pull-ups!”

Well, you can call them what you want. It’s you off your ass, in your house, moving your body.

Is it cheating? Fine. Cheat. You still get an A+ in my book because you showed up.

Richard Neal.

Oh this crew is so good. Look at them pull up Richard Neal. Is that insane?

So, Richard Neal during pull-ups (would do this) during push-ups (would do this) during crunches (would do this) during jump knee tucks. Oh, I think I’m gonna do that burpee thing. I’m good. I’m good.

A year and a half later, 240 pounds are off of that man because he showed up 5-7 days per week. Well, P90X is 6 days per week. He just showed up.

So, the variety in P90X destroys that whole boredom/injury/plateau thing because there is pilates, because there is yoga, because there is pull-ups, and push-ups, and weights, and cardio, and martial arts, and everything. If you do everything, you get better at everything and by the way, you also lose a whole bunch of weight, get super healthy, and don’t get bored or plateau or get hurt in the process.

So does it have to be one of my products? It doesn’t have to be. It just means that you need to do it like you brush your teeth, and like you eat your food, and like you make sure you get those 7.5-8 hours of sleep every single night.

It’s a simple, easy, doable, magical equation. So if you’re in that fitness rut or you’re not exercising at all and it scares the living crap out of you…muhahahaha…it’s good! It’s really good.

If you’re afraid of yoga? Go. I was. I was a “weight lifter!” I would do, like, you know, an hour and a half of chest, and then this really cute girl said, “You wanna go to yoga?” and I was like, “Okay, yeah, I’ll do it. I’ll go to yoga”

So this is me first doing yoga, “Oh crap…that’s hard…can I? Oh yeah…those are my feet down there…Ohhhhh…there they are! Yup. There they are. Oh my god…geez, is this important, I wonder? Alright, updog.” Of course, my ass goes in the air.

Yoga teacher: “No, it’s the other one.”

Me: “Oh, all right. Updog.”

I felt both my shoulders explode. So, I’m finally in a downward dog and you know, we’re like 6.5 minutes into the class, and I’m in a flop sweat, right here. This is virtually impossible and it hurt my arms.

Me: “Holy crap…how long are they going to keep us here…this is…this sucks. Yoga sucks. You want me to what? What? What? What? Look at these women…”

And so the women are like, “So anyways, Thursday we were getting coffee. We were at Starbucks…”

And I’m like, “Holy crap.”

I walked out of that yoga class, like I had just jumped in the pool, but wetter. Okay?

(Audience laughs.)

Just a little laugh on that one? I thought that was going to be my big one.

“Just jumped in a pool but wetter.”

(Audience laughs louder.)

See? Thank you very much.

So, instead of thinking, “I’m never going there again.” I could not WAIT to get back in there because I fell in love with being so awful at it.

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