DIY Coconut Lavender Sugar Scrub

DIY Coconut Lavender Sugar Scrub

Our skin is an amazing ecosystem of living organisms – it’s our first line of immune system defense. The surface is covered with billions of little bacteria that communicate with our immune system. This ecosystem works to eliminate toxins through the pores of the skin and protects us from UV rays, pathogens, viruses, bacteria, parasites, infection, and dehydration.

Being that our skin is the furthest organ from the digestive system, it’s the last to be nourished from the inside – and so we need to make sure we moisturize it from the outside. Everything we put on our skin is critically important as it affects the ability of our skin to protect us. Coconut oil is one of nature’s most effective moisturizing cleansers for our skin AND it’s naturally antibacterial and antifungal. This means it can easily get rid of dirt and grime that cause breakouts while eliminating potential invaders from entering our body while supplying much needed moisture.

Every minute we shed 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells which is roughly 9 pounds each year – our skin completely renews itself every 28 days! By understanding this rapid turnover rate you can see why it’s important to have open, clear pores. Unfortunately, many commercial beauty products including body and face scrubs, actually block pores and create stagnation!

Why Make Your Own Sugar Scrub?

Coconut Sugar Scrub for Skin

Many over-the-counter scrubs are extremely harsh. They contain irritating ingredients which dry out the skin by stripping it of its natural oils. Making your own sugar scrub at home gives you control over the ingredients so you know you are using only the most helpful, and natural, products on your largest organ.

Sugar is a naturally gentle abrasive which helps to remove dead skin from all parts of your body to restore and refresh tired, clogged pores. This allows moisture to penetrate deeper into the skin. Regularly exfoliating 1-2 times each week with a sugar scrub helps to speed up the skin’s regeneration process, revealing refreshed, smooth skin.

Sugar is a natural humectant, so it retains moisture and ensures skin is kept hydrated. Sugar is a pure, natural source of Glycolic Acid (AHA) which helps to break down dead, flaky skin and support cell turnover. It’s beneficial for both mature skin and sensitive skin because it’s so gentle and non-irritating. When combined with nourishing essential oils, sugar scrubs thoroughly exfoliate, leaving skin soft and supple.

DIY 3-Ingredient Coconut Lavender Sugar Scrub


1 cup of Cane Juice Crystals
1/4 cup Coconut Oil
6-10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
1 tsp Lavender Buds (optional)

Soften the Coconut Oil a little over low heat if it’s solid before you measure it. Combine the Cane Juice Crystals and the Coconut Oil in a bowl. Stir until completely mixed together. Add Lavender Essential Oil (and the Lavender Buds if you are using them). Stir to incorporate. Scoop into a glass, air-tight container to store.

Utilize this scrub 2-3 times per week for glowing skin!

Coconut Lavender Sugar Scrub for Skin

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