Digestive Holiday Tonic

Digestive Holiday Tonic

Eating so many delicious meals this holiday season means giving your digestion a healthy boost. Keeping your digestive fire stoked helps to absorb nutrients more efficiently and to burn away empty calories more easily. Without the digestion system functioning optimally, heartburn and acid reflux can easily become chronic. In ancient Ayurveda, keeping the inner Agni (fire) strong was considered a pillar for good health.

Antacids are deadly for your digestive health because they immediately shut down your body’s early warning system. They mask the fact that your digestion is overloaded and cannot take any more calorie rich and nutrient deficient food!

Instead of reaching for the antacid bottle, fire up your inner furnace and sooth your digestive tract. With the right combination of natural herbs and spices you can keep your digestion strong all season long with this delicious recipe.

Try this simple yet very effective tonic to help you through the holidays:








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