Hormone Tips to Create a More Fulfilling Romance (for both men and women)

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Transcription of Stay Younger, Longer:

The major testosterone producer in a man is whenever he sacrifices and gives up what he wants for somebody else. That’s why we have romantic rituals.

Romantic rituals boost testosterone and then when women are able to receive that and feel like, “Okay, I’m queen for a day…” her estrogen levels shoot up.

When your estrogen levels shoot up, and you hug at that time, then a hug feels ten times more powerful. It will create ten times more oxytocin which will lower your testosterone. You want to lower your testosterone, if you are a woman.

Now, I know a lot of women go, “No, testosterone is my libido. I want my libido.”

The way the body works in both men and women is testosterone creates desire. However, estrogen creates love and responsiveness in a woman’s body. So for women to experience the peaks of pleasure and fulfillment, her estrogen levels have to go up. So a lot of women have a lot of desire, but they aren’t that fulfilled in what they get. (laughter)

A lot of women with testosterone actually can’t fall in love. No man is ever good enough to sweep her off her feet, and that’s because she can sweep him off his feet, and she has been busy trying to do that because she knows what she likes and therefore she thinks that’s what’s going to make him love her. And men will like it, but they won’t bond.

When a man does something for a woman and she goes, “Oh, that felt good.”

I opened the car door for her. I know she can open the car door herself. My wife opens the car door…she can even drive! But when we do a date, I open the door and she’ll stand by the door, “This is a date. You’re going to open the door.”

You know? You’re going to already know the directions. We’re going to go somewhere that she wants to go that I figured out. But I don’t have to be a mindreader. All I have to do is a week in advance say, “Let’s plan something next weekend. Let’s discuss what we’d like to do.”

And with a woman, you always go, “What we’d like to do.”

WE is the female word. ME is the masculine word.

So when you say WE she says, “Alright, what do you want to do?”

And you’ll say, “Okay, I want to go see a Rocky movie.” Or whatever movie.

And she goes, “Okay.”

And then you say, “What would you like to do?”

And she’ll say, “I don’t know.”

So you say, “Well, let’s see would it be this?”


“Would it be this?”


The more that you sort of offer things, the more she feels you love her. It means you’re thinking about her, thinking for her, you put a little effort into it. Remember guys when you’re dating? You’re always thinking…’What would she like? What might she like?’

And then you’ve been married for three years, you find out all the things she doesn’t like and you’ve given up. So you just want to say, “What do you want to do?”

She doesn’t know. You have to create kind of a little conversation for a while. So, you get it out of her. You suggest a few things. Then she says, “No, no”.

And by the way, most men feel all put off when a woman says, “No, I don’t want to do that. No, I don’t want to do that.”

And then they go, “Then, forget it!”

No! No! Getting a woman to say no is foreplay! (laughter)

See, this understanding female psychology, you can see with just other women. I have three daughters. They are all grown up now and have kids and the whole thing. I’m a grandparent. But the dynamic of finding a restaurant with four women was a longer process than it ever needed to be. (laughter) Because they want everyone to get what they want.

“Well, what do you want?”

“Well, what do YOU want?”

“Well, I’d like Chinese.”

“Well, you know, MSG, I can’t really handle that…”

“Okay, well, how about Mexican?”

“Well, you know, I don’t like the hot salsa and stuff…”

“Oh, okay, well maybe we can find someplace that is not too hot and doesn’t have MSG..what do you want?”

And everyone is going to try to get a consensus so we’re all happy to go somewhere. But eventually, some woman gets on her male side and says, “Okay, we’re going! We’re hungry! We’re going to go here!”

And they all go, “Yes, okay! Finally, someone decided!” (laughter)

That’s the male side of us and every woman has got it. Every man has a female side too. And women, you feminize us like crazy! I’ll give you an example of that. You don’t know you’re doing it. Men don’t know you’re doing it. But then you have this sleepy, weepy guy around that has no testosterone.

The average man in America at 50 has half the testosterone as a young man. In Indigenous tribes, this doesn’t happen! In my house, it doesn’t happen!

I had mine measured at 50 and they were getting low and I started doing something about it. I’ve mentioned some things. Then they went up 25% after about six years. 25% higher than when I was a young guy!

Then I did one at 66 this year – I tested. I’m 50% higher than what I was as a young man! So I”m doing something right and anyone can do it when they learn this stuff!

Half of it is behavioral stuff in your relationship and the other half of it is good nutrition and cleansing the body.

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