Chocolate Superfood Crispies

Chocolate Superfood Crispies

As a kid, I loved that big name brand chocolate that was crispy and milk chocolatey and made a really satisfying “snap!” when I bit into it. My parents really didn’t let me eat much chocolate, so Halloween was always very exciting when all those little blue wrappers started filling up my bag.

I looked good in chocolate, no??

Now that I’m older and my days of eating processed chocolate are over, I’m always looking for great ways to recreate similar experiences using high quality, superfood ingredients.

Wild grown cacao is one of the things I love most in this world. It’s such a feel good food, and not only that, but the health benefits are amazing. It’s incredibly high in magnesium and iron, which as a woman, is super supportive to me. Jungle grown cacao boosts levels of serotonin in the brain, which is really helpful during that time of the month when serotonin levels drop and PMS symptoms threaten to take over my normally rational lady brain.


When I’m feeling like this, cacao talks me down.**

It’s also noteworthy to mention how supportive cacao is to the cardiovascular system, to hair and nails, to appetite control, to brain function, to digestion, to cell health and longevity. In short, cacao is a nutritional powerhouse with the added benefit of tasting amazing.**

An important thing to note: You always want to pick a cacao product that is made from non-CCN51 plants. What exactly does that mean? It means you want the wild heirloom plants, the real authentic jungle grown cacao that hasn’t been hybridized out of many of its incredible nutrients. Sadly, much of the cacao on the market now comes from the hybridized CCN51 cacao plants. For the record, I’m not a snob about many things, but I absolutely am when it comes to cacao. The difference is real, people!

This Chocolate Superfood Crispies recipe was born late one night when our Customer Support Manager was working on emails and feeling the need for some crunchy raw cacao satisfaction. It is equal parts smooth rich chocolate and mouth-stimulating crunch. She shared the recipe, and the rest is history.

You can follow the below recipe exactly. Or, you can get wild and add a scoop of organic coconut flakes for another level of complex texture and interest. Or, you can throw in some Chinese herbs and really blast this recipe to the next level of medicinal nutrition. (I really love to add He Shou Wu, Shilajit, and Reishi as staples in mine as jing-boosting, immune system supporting, re-mineralizing additions.)

Do you see where I’m going with this? You really can’t go wrong with what you add to heirloom cacao. It’s only going to boost the flavor and increase the nutrition, so play with the recipe until you achieve a flavor and consistency you love.

Leave us a comment below and let us know how your Chocolate Superfood Crispies come out!


Chocolate Superfood Crispies Ingredients:

1/4 cup Organic Raw Jungle Grown Cacao Butter

1 cup Organic Raw Jungle Grown Cacao Paste

2 Tablespoons Organic Raw Jungle Grown Cacao Nibs

2 Tablespoons Chocolate Protein Powder

1 Tablespoon Organic Sun-dried Cane Juice Crystals

1/4 teaspoon Organic Ground Vanilla Beans

1 pinch Icelandic Flake Salt or Himalayan Sea Salt

Measurements are approximate ~ adjust to taste!


Directions: Makes 6 large or 12 small chocolates if you use molds.

Place all ingredients in a bowl and dehydrate at 118 degrees until melted OR use a double boiler method OR take a small saucepan and heat ingredients over the lowest heat setting. The key here is to heat the ingredients very slowly, over very low heat.

Once all the ingredients are completely melted together, pour into chocolate molds or onto a parchment paper covered tray. Put into the fridge or freezer to help the chocolate solidify faster. If you use the tray method, once it’s hardened break the chocolate into smaller pieces. Or just eat the whole thing as one big chocolate. We won’t judge!

**At Longevity Warehouse, we source only wild jungle grown cacao from heirloom trees in Ecuador.


This may or may not have happened during the recipe testing of this product…


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    • Kat Mottram

      Hi Mary!

      Great question – the cacao nibs are what give the chocolate it’s crispy texture. Also, if you choose to add in the coconut flakes, that will give you even more of a crispy dynamic. Enjoy!

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