Charcoal Lemonade Detox Tonic

Charcoal Lemonade Detox Tonic

Charcoal is one of the most powerful detoxification elements found on Earth. It is highly absorptive and attracts toxic molecules and binds with them before being excreted from our body. When we use negatively charged substances like charcoal (or clay) weavoi d using our body as the filter for carcinogenic substances. Over time, our body becomes overloaded and begins to store toxins in our fat cells and elsewhere, making it a breeding ground for disease. If we don’t filter out these toxins then our body itself becomes the filter.

Charcoal can absorb over two-hundred times it own weight making it the premiere detox substance to use. One of the best times to consume charcoal is first thing in the morning before breakfast. On an empty stomach, taking activated charcoal capsules or a consuming a detox drink is an easy way to stay on top of toxic buildup. With thousands of man-made chemicals assaulting our body and environment nowadays, it becomes essential to engage in a daily detox ritual that is quick and easy.

The charcoal lemonade explained here combines detox with demulcents to sooth our gut, hydrate us, and pull toxic material from our body while keeping things moving.

Charcoal  Lemonade

2 cups coconut water or aloe juice

1 tablespoon chia seeds

1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (about 2 lemons)

Stevia or raw organic honey to taste

2 capsules charcoal powder

In a glass jar, combine 1 cup of the coconut water or aloe vera juice and the chia seeds, shake the jar, and let the mixture sit for the chia seeds to gel. After about 10 minutes, shake the jar again and add the remaining cup of liquid as well as the lemon juice and sweetener. Open the charcoal capsules and empty the contents into the jar, and shake the jar again. Adjust for desired sweetness.







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