Aphrodisiac Chocolate

Aphrodisiac Chocolate

It’s that time of the year again when flowers are ordered by the dozen, chocolate flies off the shelves, and we scramble to find the perfect Valentine’s Day card for the one we love.

This year, spend some time in the kitchen instead of the chocolate aisle and show your partner how much you truly care with a little aphrodisiac, superfood, “get-you-in-the-mood” chocolate.** Nuthin’ says lovin’ like maca and cistanche all tangled up with some raw jungle grown cacao. Add some raw vanilla intertwined with some sweet, sticky honey and wait for the magic to happen…

Who’s ready for love???

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Aphrodisiac Chocolate  

Recipe by: Colleen Cackowski


1 cup Food for the Immortals® Organic Longevity Coconut Oil, melted OR 1 cup David Wolfe Foods® Organic Raw Jungle Grown Cacao Butter, melted

½ cup David Wolfe Foods® Organic Raw Jungle Grown Cacao Powder

¼ cup liquid sweetener of choice (NoniLand Honey or Maple Syrup)

1-2 TBS David Wolfe Foods® Organic Raw Maca Powder

1-2 tsp Jing Herbs Cistanche Extract Powder (optional)

Why Cistanche? Cistanche is known to support sexual energy and physical energy, making it the perfect nourishing herb for couples.

½ tsp David Wolfe Foods® Organic Ground Vanilla Beans

Pinch of David Wolfe Foods® Himalayan Salt or David Wolfe Foods® Icelandic Sea Salt



1. Melt the coconut oil or jungle grown cacao butter gently in a double boiler on the stove on low heat.

2. Mix in the raw jungle grown cacao powder, sweetener, herbs and remaining ingredients, whisking until smooth.

3. Pour the mixture into chocolate molds or a small pan lined with parchment paper.

4. Place into the fridge or freezer to set.

After a few minutes setting up, the chocolate should be a little more firm and you can sprinkle your favorite chopped nuts, dried fruit, or cacao nibs on top as a garnish if you like.

5. Store in fridge or freezer until ready to consume with someone you love!


**At Longevity Warehouse, we source only wild jungle grown cacao from heirloom trees in Ecuador. To read more, click here.

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