Ancient Herbal Secrets for Radiant Skin

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Transcript of David Wolfe and Ron Teeguarden


David: We’re so lucky to have Ron Teeguarden with us, and we’re so fortunate to be able to get this information. We’re talking here about schizandra and gynostemma, two of the greatest herbs in the Taoist tonic herbal system.

I want to ask Ron about one more herb, and then we’ll let him go. We’ve got a conference going on downstairs, lots of folks down there. The last herb I want to talk about is one that your wife is really into. It’s pearl. I just want to give the folks at home a little bit of background about what pearl is. It is actually the same pearl as you’d make a necklace out of. In the old days, you’d have to find an oyster that had a pearl in it, and extracting the pearl would kill the oyster. Now there is a way of actually keeping the oysters alive so you’re not killing the oysters when you extract the pearl out. You can actually get what you really need for pearl powder, which are small pearls not big ones. Isn’t that right?

Ron: Yeah, the smaller the pearl, the better, the more valuable. A big pearl is just full of stuff. It’s not the inside of the pearl that matters. It’s the nacre, the outside of a pearl that is important. So a small pearl has much more surface volume of nacre compared to its internal volume. Smaller is better. Pearl powder is an amazing product. It has a long history, back from the most ancient times. It’s famous with Cleopatra, for example.

David: Yeah, it goes back to Egypt, Asia, China.

Ron: Right. It reflects in a person’s skin.

David: A beauty product.

Ron: Right. If you grind pearls into a fine powder—it has to be ground fine enough to be able to be absorbed. It is a hard substance. The actual fact is that the coating of the pearl seems rock hard, but in fact it’s extremely flexible. It’s a material that could be used for space travel or something. At its finest level it’s very bendy and flexible. It’s a matrix that holds things together, it doesn’t pull apart.

That quality goes to your skin, so your skin doesn’t fall apart as you get older. Pearl is protective. It enhances the regeneration of skin. It has chemicals in it. The main ingredient is exactly the same as hemoglobin and chlorophyll, except it has a different mineral. I’m forgetting right this second what that mineral is, but it’s the same. So it converts and is very easily absorbed in a human being. It actually becomes human material.

David: Very easily. That’s the thing about it. It’s like a bioidentical.
Ron: Yeah. Right, it’s a bioidentical. And then it goes in and actually makes the dermis of our skin very, very resilient so it doesn’t age. And when this material combines with the lipid layers of our skin, it forms a protection around the body from the sun, from the environment.

We’re in the middle of a real heat wave right here, right now. And we’re becoming a pretty dry region in the world, you know, desertification is happening.

David: It’s happening in Los Angeles.

Ron: Right, and that means we’re exposed to more UV, dry winds that blow through your skin, and this kind of thing. So, herbs like pearl and schizandra, which actually combine with the lipid levels of our skin and actually protect our skin from the wind, these are very important things to prevent aging.

You know, you go to a tropical place and everyone has soft skin that’s very pliable. They age slower in their skin. But here in the United States, in the western half for sure, drying is one of the worst things that can happen to the skin. It just ages skin and makes it go downhill fast. Pearl protects at that level, plus it produces the new. It stimulates SOD in the skin.

Pearl has to be ground very, very small. It has to be almost micron size to be absorbable, and that’s called levigated pearl. They grind it in water. I was actually showing you this yesterday. This is not a preplanned prop, but the last Empress of China consumed pearl.

David: She was the Pearl Empress.

Ron: Right. So, she was famous for consuming pearls, and she stayed beautiful. Even as she aged, she never developed any wrinkles. She remained very sexy and very brilliant, as well. She took pearl every day.

So, she had an herbalist in her palace who ground this pearl. He had to grind it for 100 hours. So when the Chinese Revolution took place, those herbalists fled to Hong Kong, and then the descendants of that herbalist still maintains that shop. They literally grind pearls for 100 hours. There’s a man standing there. He’s got this great big right arm like that. And he sits there all day long grinding pearl. They sell it to the wealthiest women in Hong Kong at a very high price.

So about 20 years ago, I brought back a bunch of these for a famous movie star, and just when I was coming here the other day I found this on the back of my shelf. So I just brought it today for good luck. I had it in my pocket. Here Dave, you can keep that.

David: Oh, come on!

Ron: Go ahead. Keep it. I have two. I just brought one. Now you just take a little scoop. You can use that. That’s good. It’s good for your skin.

David: Wow! Right on!

Ron: That’s the pearl. That is the pearl.

David: From Hong Kong?

Ron: This is pearl using the exact same process as the last Empress of China. This is the pearl.

David: Ron is very gracious, I have to say. He gives me bottles of ginseng, whole ginseng. He gave me a ginseng yesterday that was over 50 years old, and that’s pretty darn valuable. In Hong Kong, that could go for…

Ron: Well, that would be $10,000. But you know they just sold a 50-year-old ginseng root that came from North Korea for $350,000. Once a ginseng gets very old like that, the death domain of its genetics turns off. So those ginsengs will become immortal. They’ll live for 100 or 200 years until some animal eats them.

To my way of thinking, and I think a lot of people are understanding this, is that what you eat is what you are. If you’re eating something that actually is in an immortal state, you can achieve that through some kind of epigenetics.

You’re not getting the exact same chemistry because it’s broken down, but you are getting that domain. It’s actually going into you and impacting our your genetics as well.

David: Makes sense.

Ron: So that kind of ginseng has been the most revered herb in China and Asia for all time, since the beginning of herbalism.





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