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Transcription of 5 Steps to Total Mind-Body Balance

So let’s talk about wellness strategies for total brain-body balance. And again, these were the things that I started to adopt in my life, and over the course of the last 2-plus years have dedicated my healing process to.

So, we talked about the full blood panel test and neurotransmitter screening. Again, the name of the tests I had done were NutriEval and a neuro screen. So, this doctor in particular, Dr. Green, it’s not his proprietary test. I know that you can go to other holistic medical doctors and request evaluations. They can do them, because I think they ship them off…

The lab is in Wisconsin, I believe. It’s called Pharmacom Labs. They’re the ones that actually do the evaluations and analyze the blood work and the urine that they get. So you can ask for the NutriEval and neuro screen at any holistic M.D., and he can request that for you.

Again, if I look at my life before I got these tests, I was just kind of banging around in the dark, hoping that I was going to find something to make me feel better. By getting these tests… They weren’t inexpensive, but they also didn’t break the bank…

It was one of those things where I invested around $2,000 on these tests and these supplements. And I remember guys, the first week that I came home, at the end of the seven days, when I’d started weight training and I’d started meditating and I’d started eating differently and taking these supplements… I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this before, but I could almost feel – I don’t know what it was, whether it was the neurons or the synapses, or what was going on – I could feel electrical charges in my brain turning on.

I remember sitting in my kitchen and I could feel little fireworks in my brain, and I was like, “Oh, this is…something’s going on, and this is good.”

And it took me a good six months of consistent weight training, daily 30-minute meditation, gratitude prayers, cultivating a relationship with God and praying and asking for things, changing my diet, engaging in conscientious supplementation, and also getting out of the isolation mode I was in. Right?

This whole list was a distillation of my protocol. I knew I couldn’t just focus on the food. I knew I couldn’t just meditate or just weight train. It had to be everything. And the only way that I could do that was to make it the #1 priority in my life. My healing had to be the #1 priority.

The last thing I want to talk about on this particular list is the importance of reaching out and getting our ego out of the way and asking for help and asking for support. Once I did that, once I actually told people, man, the response was incredible.

Once I moved past the shame, once I moved past the guilt I was feeling and I told people, they embraced me with so much love. And they embraced me with so much sweetness and support in creating a community. I was amazed at how many people were like, “You know what? I’ve been battling depression, too, and I haven’t told anyone.”

Almost everyone I talked to had a similar story, did the same thing. They isolated themselves out of shame or fear or guilt. What I’m here today to encourage you guys to do is – beyond the food and the meditation and the spirituality and the fitness, all these things that I really feel can be foundational in healing your brain chemistry and boosting your mood – is the sense of community, the sense of belonging.

It is so important here, and what I grounded into in this process of sharing my story on YouTube – I also did a workshop last year on this very subject, where I had people come and work on all these subjects – was realizing that that which is most personal to us is actually the most universal. You know?

The struggles and the pain and the sadness and the depression and the suicidal thoughts I was experiencing, thousands of people online could relate to, and they said, “Thank you for sharing your story.”

The thing that I was so afraid to share, the thing that I was so ashamed of, became an opportunity to have a more genuine, authentic, raw connection with these people. People I had never met before. People that I had in my life.

So, it’s… Oh, boy. It’s just interesting being up on this stage, because there was also this thing of, like, “Oh, well people, they’re used to me being the funny guy, making everybody laugh. But what happens when the funny guy gets sad?”

Tears of a clown, right? Then what happens? But, you know what I value more than what I used to do, which was trying to put on a dog and pony show for everyone and being a people pleaser and making everyone happy?

People pleaser, right here. Everyone’s gotta be happy. Everyone’s gotta be happy. Right? Mom and dad can’t fight. Everyone’s gotta be happy.

But I was ignoring my own authentic experience of life. I didn’t have to please everyone. I didn’t have to make everyone laugh. I just had to practice showing up as myself, even if myself in that moment was sad, depressed, anxious. It was like, “Here I am. I’m not going to fake it anymore.” Right?

I’m not going to fake it anymore.

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