Longevity Charcoal Latte (Only 3 Ingredients!)

Longevity Charcoal Latte (Only 3 Ingredients!)

Introducing the Longevity Charcoal Latte

Charcoal, also known as Black Magic, is one of the most highly celebrated and highly used detoxifiers in history, but it’s not very tasty. Unless you make a latte out of it, of course!

Activated charcoal is wonderful for sweeping toxins out of the body, decreasing intestinal bloating, increasing energy, and enhancing skin texture and glow. This recipe is a great way to start off your day before you eat or drink anything else.

What is Activated Charcoal Exactly?

Activated charcoal is a powerful drawing agent. It detoxifies us internally and externally because, similar to a clay, it is negatively charged and absorptive like a sponge. Toxic ions, molecules, and microorganisms are typically positively charged, and so the negative surface of the charcoal attracts the toxins to itself, binds them, and then carries them out of our body through the digestive system.

Because charcoal is so porous, it is able to absorb up to 200 times its own weight in toxic material! In addition, because the pores of the charcoal fully envelope the toxins, digestive enzymes can’t reach them, meaning there is no way they can get re-metabolized and re-introduced to your body while on their way out. Because our body can’t absorb charcoal, it’s the perfect carrier to escort the nasty stuff right out of us.

Charcoal powder to make a charcoal latte

A Long History of Use

The first recorded record of charcoal usage dates back as far as 1500 BC4 when Egyptian papyri revealed charcoal was used to treat decaying wounds and intestinal disorders. Aborigines of Australia have always used charcoal powder to heal their wounds, and records from Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, mention using charcoal for wound healing in addition to many other conditions.

Today, charcoal is added into many types wound dressings to absorb bacteria and control odors. Water purifiers almost always use charcoal, inspired by the ancient sea mariners and Hindu cultures who used charcoal for water purification.

Charcoal (and calcium chalk) scrawled on large rocks and caves in prehistoric times gave rise to numerous forms of writing and art. Charcoal has been traditionally used as an eye-liner, cosmetic base darkener, and tatoo ink pigment for some cultures, including Native Hawaiians. Natural cosmetic companies today still use charcoal for their eyeliners and mascaras.

Longevity Charcoal Latte

The Benefits of Drinking a Charcoal Latte

1 – Detoxification

Since ancient times, animals and humans have relied on charcoal’s ability to counteract the harmful effects of ingested toxic materials. We know our prehistoric ancestors ate charcoal, as we’ve found traces of it in their fossilized feces. This makes sense since ancient peoples had to depend upon limited food resources during certain seasons, and undoubtedly ate foods of questionable freshness.

Today, if someone walks into an emergency room with a suspected drug overdose or food poisoning, they are likely to be handed charcoal as one of the countermeasures. In one interesting study, scientists found that after goats consumed activated charcoal, they could eat more juniper (a plant containing a toxic terpenoid) without getting sick!

When we consume activated charcoal a few times a week, it keeps unwanted guests from taking up residence in our bodies, minimizing our potential for sickness. It keeps our digestion moving, which is key for maintaining the health and strength of our digestive system. When our digestion flows well, and our system is clear of toxins, we have more available energy to do the things we love.

2 – Mouth Cleaning

Just as charcoal helps to remove pathogens from our internal terrain, it does the same for our mouth. When we rub activated charcoal around our teeth and gums in the form of toothpaste, it acts like a highly absorbent sponge pulling toxins, surface stains, and bacteria to itself. It also positively affects the pH in our mouth to aid in the fight against tooth decay, gingivitis, and bad breath (halitosis) – and also naturally whitens teeth more effectively than an over-the-counter whitener! Learn More About Activated Charcoal Toothpaste.

When we drink a latte, it’s not as effective as using a charcoal toothpaste, but if we sip slowly and savor the flavor of the latte in our mouth instead of just chugging it down, we will definitely reap some of the mouth-cleaning benefits. This is great, especially if you’re a coffee drinker because it helps to balance out coffee teeth stain.

3 – Skin Health

Charcoal is a low-cost, highly effective beauty aid! It is ideal for enhancing the texture and glow of the skin, and can even do wonders for the condition of your hair when applied topically. When we take it internally, it helps to clear our skin from the inside – eliminating the conditions that may prompt acne or that contribute to dull, listless skin.

How to Make a 3-Ingredient Longevity Charcoal Latte

This popular drink is now being served at the Longevity Coffee Shop!


10oz of your favorite Nut Milk

1/2 teaspoon Activated Charcoal Powder

1/2 teaspoon Longevity Soda® Vanilla Cream Concentrate

Utilizing the sweet flavor of Vanilla Cream Concentrate adds the immune-boosting strength of Astragalus and mood-boosting energy of Goji Berries increasing both the nutrition AND longevity power to our Charcoal Latte, which is why it’s called Longevity Charcoal Latte!


Add all the ingredients to a small pan over medium heat. Stir with a whisk until frothy and warm. OR, warm your nut milk first and blend all the ingredients together in your blender.

Then, enjoy!

Important Note: Avoid taking any medications or vitamins within a 2-hour window before or after consuming activated charcoal. Otherwise, the charcoal will absorb them instead of the toxins. This latte is excellent first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. 



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    • Kat Mottram

      Hi Charlie,
      The Astragalus and Goji Berry are in tincture form, so if you savor the flavor of your drink with each sip, you’ll absorb the herbs right through the mucosa of your mouth and then you’ll continue to absorb them through the lining of your digestive tract as they travel down. Due to the binding nature of the charcoal, yes some will be absorbed by the charcoal, but definitely not all. That’s the beauty of using the tinctured herbs in the Longevity Soda concentrate. 🙂

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