How Stress is Adding Inches to Your Waistline


Check out this exclusive interview with NY Times best-selling author, adrenal health expert, lecturer, and featured presenter at the upcoming Longevity Now Conference™, Dr. Alan Christianson, NMD, and discover:

  • How obesity rates have skyrocketed since 1990 and the powerful forces driving this disturbing trend.
  • The top 3 changes in our lifestyle that have caused our waistlines to grow and our health to deteriorate quicker then any other generation to date.
  • The #1 cause of obesity that may shock you! (hint: it’s all in your head)
  • How your belly fat acts as an additional organ that secretes stress hormones and keeps you trapped in a deadly weight-gaining cycle.

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  1. ironcloudz

    Interesting about the effect of “threat stress” on fat retention.

    More reason to create a society which allows humans (and non-humans) to thrive within a healthy natural environment.

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