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Greetings! I’m David Wolfe.

At nearly every live event I’ve ever hosted, someone has come up to me complaining about adrenal exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, chronic exhaustion. This has actually become an epidemic in the western world.

So many people are coming forward and telling me this story. Most of them are women. There is a difference between a man’s brain and a woman’s brain. Men are very directional. They can handle single tasks and knock them out one at a time. But women are multidimensional in the way their brains work. This is a physiochemical difference. They can multitask and handle many different tasks simultaneously.

That puts an extra burden on their adrenals to be able to handle raising the kids, getting them out the door, making the food, working to make money, staying up late at night dealing with emails or putting together family events, paying the bills. All of it adds up.

What I want to focus on with this particular array of nutrients in front of me is the ability to adapt to the stress and to nourish the adrenals so they can handle that stress with ease without exhausting the adrenals. This is an adrenal recovery formula we’ll go through here.

Pay close attention. I know it’s affected you at some point in your life. It has affected everyone. The stresses that are upon us in the world we live in today, it’s almost impossible to avoid adrenal fatigue.

We have an array of interesting nutrients here. We’re going to put them into a blender.

The Tea Base

We have our gynostemma tea base. Gynostemma is the #1 up-and-coming herb in the world. It’s probably going to eclipse green tea at some point. It’s considered by the Chinese Academy of Sciences to be the #1 herb of all.

It contains over 100 gypenosides, compounds that modulate immunity. They’re saponins, actually, which means one side is oil soluble and one side is water soluble. They have many different tricks up their sleeves, allowing them to be dual directional.

If our immunity is revving too high and we’re experiencing an allergic reaction, gynostemma can help bring it down. If our immunity is too low and we’re getting sick all the time, it can help bring it up. It also has many other properties, including extreme longevity properties.

Where this herb comes from in China, that’s where people live the longest. That’s why gynostemma drew the attention of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and that’s why it’s moving to the forefront of herbalism today.

We’ll put this in last, as I always do. I like to put the liquids in last just in case I make a mistake. It’s easier to fix it before the liquid goes in.

The Caloric (Buffer) Base

We have to have a caloric base, as well. If you’re adrenally exhausted, you need some calories, something that will keep you going. I like cashews, though you could use walnuts, almonds, or something else that fits for you as a calorie source. You could steer away from nuts and choose coconut butter or something along those lines instead.

One thing about calories is that we now have a different understanding about them. It’s not the empty calories of yesteryear, it’s the nutrient-rich calories of today and tomorrow. I like cashews. They work for me. You find the ones that work for you.

The Adrenal Support Foods

So we’ve got our cashew base in there. Now we’ll work on specific adrenal support foods. One of them is maca. Maca, along with some of the others we’ll include like Mucuna, Cordyceps, He Shou Wu, is a very high-altitude substance. Some of the others I mentioned are jungle substances. They all have to survive in a very competitive environment.

Does that sound familiar? Some of us work in very competitive environments, very unnatural environments in offices with artificial lights all the time and competition and stress everywhere. We need those adaptogenic qualities to help us respond to the unique stresses we face every day.

Let’s put the maca in. Maca is probably the highest-altitude crop in the world, definitely the highest-altitude crop of the Americas.

Other crops that are high altitude include Cordyceps (which we’ll put in next in capsule form). This is encapsulated “techno” Cordyceps. I’m going to open this capsule right here.

What does “techno” mean? It means that it’s not the 17,000-foot elevation Cordyceps where people are crawling across the ground trying to find them in the dirt -that’s where it’s naturally found, by the way, in a tundra environment at 17,000 feet in the Himalayas. We don’t have to do that anymore.

It can now be grown in a mushroom-growing environment. It’s usually grown on organic rice, as these are. We’re going to put that in there. Cordyceps is a premiere jing herb, providing premiere kidney-adrenal support.

Maca is a super adaptogen, and Cordyceps provides “core” adrenal support. You need to have it every day. It’s a tonic, so you can actually consume it every day. It’s one of the great herbs of Chinese medicine. There are now thousands of studies on it, and it’s been revered since the Emperor of China’s days.

You couldn’t possess Cordyceps in those days, under penalty of death. Now you get to have it in your smoothie every morning. That’s the amazing world we live in today. Things are getting better at an alarming rate. Remember that!

Now, Mucuna mata means no worries. This is one of the jungle plants. It grows in an incredibly competitive environment. It’s a nitrogen fixer, so it works with the jungle, nourishing the jungle at the soil. It takes nitrogen out of the atmosphere and drives it into the soil.

Mucuna’s properties are astonishing. When I was first turned on to this superherb, I was shocked when I found out how many thousands of years it had been used in Africa, India, Asia, and the Amazon. In fact, the word Mucuna is an Amazonian word that means ‘mucunan’. They used these beans with cacao for thousands of years. They were the one-two punch of Amazonian chocolate concoctions. Cacao was the delivery system for the Mucuna’s L-dopa.**

You’ve heard about Parkinson’s disease, that it’s connected to an L-dopa deficiency. It’s an adrenal exhaustion syndrome that finally crosses a certain threshold and suddenly the shakes begin. It’s a kidney-adrenal complex breakdown, according Chinese theory.

We have to nourish jing. To me, Mucuna is probably second only to deer antler as a preeminent jing herb on the earth. I got into growing it. I was just in Costa Rica, and we saw wild Mucuna growing. I took a picture in front of the Mucuna hill. There was Mucuna everywhere. It’s a survivor. It helps you to survive.

Mucuna goes in there. It also makes you happy, and that’s really good.

Now, He Shou Wu – yin jing – is very powerful. Deer antler is yang jing, giving you the clash of the male elk. But yin jing is very soft. It’s bone marrow and stem cells. It’s internal. It builds you up from the inside out. It rejuvenates your tissue. It remakes your adrenals and renews you. It builds a battery for the future.

To me, He Shou Wu is like heaven’s own reward. It’s one of the greatest things ever. I’m absolutely in love with this particular herb. In fact, I’m in love with almost everything in this particular Adaptibili-Tea.

The Sweet Everythings & Sea Salt

Now we’re going to put the tea in. We might want to sweeten it. We also might want to use sea salt. Sea salt might be important here. It depends on your level of toxicity.

If you’re new to all this, don’t use the salt. Start with just the straight flush power of the initial ingredients without adding the salt. Add to your diet raw foods, superfoods, and foods high in potassium. Allow the old junk salt, the preservative-type salt, to flush out of your system before adding in a natural salt.

As the potassium increases it drives out the bad salt. Then there comes a point when it will flip. Suddenly you don’t have any salt, and you’ve gotten too skinny. Be careful about getting too skinny. Thin people are subject to even greater risk of adrenal exhaustion and fatigue.

In this case, we’re going to skip the salt. If I do use it, I prefer sea salt. Not rock salt. Sea salt is the deal.

We will use a “fake” sweetener for this recipe – Stevia. This is English Toffee Stevia. It’s not one of my favorite things ever, because I’m not a big Stevia person. I’m into honey. I like honey. But again, I can eat sweet things. Some people can’t, and they need a sweetener like Stevia to really make this drink come alive, to make it taste really good.

I’ve had assistants over the years who love Stevia. They’re crazy about it. They would use Stevia in everything. Meanwhile, I’m using honey in everything. And we’d look at each other crosswise. They didn’t like honey, and I didn’t like Stevia much.

If you’re sensitive to sugar, you can probably bet that you’re better off with Stevia. It won’t stimulate your adrenals, whereas sugar will.

The Mix Down

Now it’s time to add in the gynostemma tea. Oooh! It’s warm-hot, close to too hot. But we’re right in the zone. I’m going to put that in there.

Our Adaptibili-Tea is ready for launch. Let’s see how it tastes.


For those of you who need that adrenal support. This could be a great morning drink. It could replace your usual breakfast.

It smells really good. It smells divine.

Here we go.

It’s delicious. It’s got some calories in it that will take you through the day, and it will nourish your jing. It will nourish your adrenals and help you fight the fatigue. You could drink it in the morning, or you could also drink it as a restorative in the evening.

In either case, Adaptibili-Tea is a much better choice than stimulants like coffee, which exhaust the adrenals.

**At Longevity Warehouse, we source only wild jungle grown cacao from heirloom trees in Ecuador. To read more, click here.


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  1. Lorraeb

    Thanks David, this is great news and something that has been missing. Are the ingredients available in Australia and where would one be able to purchase them. Thanks, love your work, Lorrae

  2. Rhonnie Wenden-King

    What about Xylitol as a sugar substitute? I don’t like Stevia as I find there’s an aftertaste but I don’t get that from Xylotol. I use it anywhere I would normally use sugar. I’ve read that it’s the safest of all the sugar substitutes. I also like honey or maple syrup as sweeteners, in very moderate amounts.

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