Vanilla Shilajit Latte

Vanilla Shilajit Latte

10 ounces hot Dragon Herbs® Spring Dragon tea or other mild tea, as base

1-2 tsp David Wolfe Foods® Wildcrafted Raw Shilajit Extract Powder

1 tsp David Wolfe Foods® Organic Ground Vanilla Beans

2 TBS David Wolfe Foods® Organic Unroasted Cashews or 2 oz Raw Nut Milk

(for an extra energy boost add in fresh brewed Longevity Coffee®)

1 squirt Fulvic Minerals or David Wolfe Foods® Icelandic Sea Salt

1 TBS Food for the Immortals® Organic Coconut Oil (optional)

Sweetener of choice, to taste (NoniLand Raw Honey or Stevia)


David Wolfe Foods™ Wildcrafted Raw Shilajit Extract Powder, 4 oz


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Home Food For The Immortals Organic Longevity Coconut Oil, 15 fl oz

The ultimate oil for healthy fats.

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David Wolfe Foods Organic Ground Vanilla Beans, 2 oz

Add to your favorite smoothie or latte for that sperfect hint of vanilla that comes from the purest source.


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David Wolfe Foods™ Organic Unroasted Whole Cashews, 16 oz

Perect for snacks and in recipes.chocolatiers and amateur raw chefs!

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Dragon Herbs Spring Dragon Longevity Tea

The one essential tea you have to have in your home.


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  1. Sara R

    I was wondering if you typically have the tea cold or you blend with the tea hot. Also I recall natural news doing an article in last couple years about the dangers of fulvic acid and how taking them causing heavy metals? Could you respond to that.

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