The Standard American Diet Update – Part 2

Dr. Joel Fuhrman Transcript

10 people who eat fast food regularly have 10 times the risk of heart attack and stroke compared to people who eat none. French fries and cancer – when you eat fried foods at a fast food restaurant, you’re eating something that’s cooked in oil and that’s been heated in oil half the day! Over and over again. This causes rancid compounds and free radicals, its carcinogenic oil.

There’s a study that shows that women who eat french fries one day a week, that’s moderation right?, that’s it, one day a week, increased the risk of breast cancer by 26%. One day a week. Moderate consumption.

You know what, the diet you eat when you’re pregnant, is not the only way to damage your child. What you eat years before you even conceive that baby can damage the child as well. The number one cause of death in children today, other than accidents, is acute blast acidic leukemia caused by the lack of consumption of green vegetables in the diet years before conception occurred. The consumption of processed foods, fast foods luncheon meats like bacon and hotdogs and pastrami is causing cancer in our children, the leading cause of death.

Those eggs that caused your children cancer live your whole life inside your body. When you eat bad as a child you’re damaging your future offspring. What I’m saying here is that we damage our genes when we don’t eat a healthy diet. We’re not just damaging our own life. When our mother is bringing you a doughnut to your soccer game, she’s not just causing cancer and you, she’s causing cancer in your unborn child at the same time.

Did you follow that?

These fast foods are linked to depression, violence, mental illness, drug addiction and ¬†illegal drug use. Half the people in federal prisons today are there because of nonviolent drug related offenses. Who’s talking about the link between these frankenfoods and mental illness causing people to become depressed and psychotic and kill and use drugs, the link between fast foods and drug addiction? Sugar is the gateway drug! They start out eating candy and soon they want alcohol, then they want more drugs to get more brain stimulation because the sugar and the fast foods made their brain dopamine insensitive, and now they go after more and more stimulation for the brain.


Dr. Joel Fuhrman has been on PBS as well as written authoritative texts on diet, nutrition, and specifically founded the ‘nutritarian diet’ that focuses on high micro-nutrient rich foods for optimal health.



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    That’s such a powerful message… will stay with me for a lifetime, it will make every food choice for my children, grandchildren, husband and myself different…..thank you

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