The Ultimate Chocolate Drink


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Transcription of The Ultimate Chocolate Drink**

We’re going to put Immortal Machine in first. This has been the number one selling product at Longevity Warehouse for years now. The original idea was that Bua and I both wanted a product that tasted like Yoo-hoo, because that’s what we grew up on in New York.

Now back then at least it wasn’t the GMO, high-fructose corn syrup nightmare it is today. It was reasonably close to something that might be considered possibly close to an unnatural product.

We’ll do one, two, three, four scoops.

One of the things I love about Immortal Machine’s formulation, thanks to Len Foley, who provided this insight on it, is that you can mix this with straight up cold water, and it’s pretty darn good. It has no preservatives, no Blue Lake, which has nothing to do with any blue lake anywhere on this planet. Have you ever seen that? You look at something, and it says Blue Lake, it’s an ingredient. It’s a blue dye. You think, Oh, I’m getting a lake in here, like a blue lake.

There’s no blue lake. All those chemicals that they use as preservatives, all that stuff has been totally unnecessary for all these years. There are no preservatives in Immortal Machine. There’s no need for any preservatives. There’s no need for any sugar. This is low glycemic, and it tastes good with water!

Is that okay?

We have the Immortal Machine with the Yoo-hoo flavors, and it’s got seven or eight superfoods in it. It has Maca. It’s got the chocolateMucuna Combo. I had one of my friend’s, Keith Pine, come to see me. We were both in Mexico together doing stem cell treatments, and he came over and told me he was one of the original ORMUS guys, with Science of the Spirit Foundation, David Hudson. If you’ve never heard of any of those organizations, it’s way too long of a story and I’m not getting into it.

But it was really amazing that twenty years ago we were part of the same organization that was working on these unique minerals that were found in lava rocks. All these years later, Keith came up to me and told me he’d been working on a product that had been used by 10,000 athletes, okayed by the U.S. Olympics committee, used by professional athletes.

So I look into what the formulation of the product is. The reason why I’m going to promote this is that it’s a combination of two things: chocolate and Mucuna. Immortal Machine’s core is chocolate and Mucuna. The most ancient additive to chocolate is Mucuna.

**At Longevity Warehouse, we source only wild jungle grown cacao from heirloom trees in Ecuador. To read more, click here.





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