Turmeric Crush

Throughout history, turmeric has been revered for its many benefits as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. This video was filmed in Hawaii for David Wolfe’s ‘Color Cure Recipe Series’ and highlights turmeric as the star ingredient! You can easily make this delicious recipe at home with David Wolfe Foods Organic Turmeric Extract Powder which is on sale now for 50% off during our Sizzling Summer Deals Event!

Transcript of “Turmeric Crush”

Greetings everybody! David “Avocado” Wolfe here. You’re in my kitchen in Hawaii. Thanks for joining us. We’re going to have the best day ever here in Hawaii.

We’re starting it off with “Turmeric Crush”.

This is part of the ‘Color Cure Recipe Series’ wherein we dive into the different colors, those color pigments, and what they can do to benefit our health, and in fact, in almost all cases, the color pigments are the most powerful antioxidants that are in our food.

And in this case, we’ve got a little bit of something else going on, which is, we’re playing around with turmeric and turmeric has very powerful anti-inflammatory action. That’s part of it’s orange curcumin color and we’re going to get that in fresh because we’re in Hawaii, we can do that. So if you’re able to get turmeric fresh, wonderful. We just dug this turmeric out of the ground the other day on our farm over here and we are going to start it off with just a chunk, and I usually use like the end of a finger size. This is a pretty strong amount. This is a pretty large amount. You’ve really got to be into the turmeric to do this much. If you did half that, that would be pretty good.

Again, I’ve said this over and over again and I love saying it, something that is so amazing about turmeric is it goes every direction.

If you want to add it to your water, add it to your water. If you want to put it in a smoothie, put it in your smoothie. If you want to put it in your soup, put it in your soup. If you want to put it in your eggs in the morning, put it in your eggs in the morning. If you want to put it into a savory dish, put it into a savory dish. I mean, there are just so many directions that this vegetable can go, it’s amazing. So we really call it a superherb for that reason because it just has so many amazing uses and such powerful anti-inflammatory action and it’s such a powerful antioxidant in itself.

It’s also in the ginger family, so it grows like ginger. It’s a root just under the soil surface and then it pops up its leaves directly from that root.

We’re going to take a big chunk and it’s going to go into our spring water/coconut water combination. That’s something we really like to do here in Hawaii instead of just doing straight spring water. We like to add a little bit of coconut water to it. You can experiment with that. Coconut water is now ever present. Widely available. Do like a 50/50 mix. If the coconut water is too syrupy, then mix it down with spring water. If you want to just do spring water, just do that or some kind of variation thereof.

Next ingredient is going to be cucumber.

So this is a play on the vegetable juices that we all have been doing if you are in the boat I’ve been in for the last 20 years. I’ve done so many glasses of vegetable juice it’s absolutely ridiculous. Then the Nutribullet® came along and it really got me into doing actually the whole vegetable again. Instead of throwing the fiber away, we keep it all in the bullet and that’s one of the great things about this machine. You keep all the fiber. All the nutrients. Nothing is being expelled out. None of the calcium is being expelled out or magnesium, none of these antioxidants. None of the skin is being ejected. It’s all still here.

Now you can see I’ve got quite a bit of cucumber here. It’s actually a whole cucumber diced up. We kept the skin on for the most part because that is where all the great nutrients are. That’s where you’re going to find your silica, your beauty minerals. That’s where you are going to find your zinc. Any of those kind of things are going to show up in the skin of the cucumber. So we’re going to pop that right in there.

What a hydrating, amazing vegetable. One of the most important vegetables for the kidneys. What an incredible important vegetable for hydration.

That’s another thing about getting onto liquid foods more: vegetable juices, vegetable blended drinks or Nutriblasts™ like this, is you just get more hydrated. You get more liquid in your body and that can affect a radical change in your health, your awareness, your vitality, and your overall sense of well-being.

Next, we’re going to put in literally two carrots. I think we have two carrots that we’ve diced up here so we’re going to put those right in. Boom! The whole thing goes right in. You’ll see what this Nutribullet® can do to all that in seconds. We’re going to get the carotene, the carotenoids. The great nutrients that are found in carrots are in fact the color pigments in those carrots.

Then, celery. A natural source of electrolytes. A natural source of sodium. We’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 chunks of celery. Let’s see if we can squeeze them all in there. Yes, they are all fitting in. Fantastic! Really important to get celery into your body if you’re an athlete, if you are sweating a lot, because this is your natural form of sodium. It’s your natural form of salt.

If you are doing a detox, then you wouldn’t put a little bit of this flake salt into the bottom of this to help to extract some of those nutrients and to give it a little bit more of an electrolytic salty action in your body.

You know, that’s the kind of thing that we all think about, when we think about a vegetable juice is a little bit of a sodium element to it.

But if you’re doing a detox you don’t do that salt. But it is a good idea to have some sodium in your body from celery when you are detoxing. So I added both. I put both the celery in and the Icelandic Sea Salt, the flake salt. It has the 80 trace minerals in it. And now we are ready to rock!

So what I want to do is just make sure I didn’t jam things in here too tight. Yup, they are loose enough to be blasted. We take our extractor blades from the RX. We gently screw them onto the top right here. We’ve got the colossal cup size. This is like 44-45 ounces right there. We turn it on and the way you do that is you just find that sweet spot, drop it in, and it just goes automatically. There it is.

Now what I love about this is I’m not worried that this thing is going to move. It stays absolutely motionless. We’ve got 1700 watts of power driving those blades at a whopping 30,000 RPMs. That’s like 30,000 chews each minute.

Now this will go for 28 seconds and then it will slow down for 4 seconds and we’ve done that to make sure we’ve got a complete emulsion. You can see that slow down. It helps to drive everything that has been stuck in the corners out into the middle, so we can turn it up again. This creates what we call inside here a minature tornado created by that conical shape. So most blenders are like this and what they are doing is they are throwing everything to the outside and it falls back in this way.

This blender is creating a toroidal energy. It’s driving it back into the middle again. Let me just explain that one more time. Most blenders are shaped this way. So what they are doing is they are blending and they are throwing stuff to the outside and it falls back in from the side. What this is doing is it is driving everything through a toroidal energy field and that is super important because if you are a student of physics the toroid is the fundamental structure of nature.

I mean, that’s Nassim Haramein’s great insight. His great work. If you’ve seen the film Thrive that’s the great insight from that film. The toroid, or the vortex, is really the fundamental unit of nature. That’s the basic formative structure that is ectropic, which means it brings organizational energy in. That’s exactly how the Bullet works. It’s actually creating a toroidal field that is driving things in this way instead of doing this, which is your typical blender.

Alright, let’s have a taste of what we’ve got!

Turmeric Crush.

Great for the morning. Wow. That would keep me going. Great before a workout, if you’re going on a long walk, long hike, long run, this is the type of drink for you.

I’m David “Avocado” Wolfe signing off from Hawaii. Cheers!

To learn more about the history of turmeric and it’s many uses, head over to our blog page titled Turmeric: One of the World’s Most Favorite Herbs and make turmeric one of YOUR most favorite herbs today!



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