Need Thyroid Support? Eat This Food!

David Wolfe reveals the original wild food, ‘Seaweed Soup’, jam-packed full of nutritious and delicious ingredients!


Food for the Immortals® Seaweed Soup®, Single Serving Packet

A legendary combination of potent wild foods that supply crucial iodine to your thyroid.

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David Wolfe Foods™ Icelandic Flake Salt, 1lb.

From a pristine environment and full of essential minerals

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  1. Gay Hart-Brewer

    The Pacific Ocean is now contaminated from the nuclear disaster in Japan years ago. Nothing from the Pacific Ocean is for human consumption. Where is the seaweed in the soup coming from?

  2. Joanna Claire

    how many cups of tea did you use and how much of the seaweed soup blend? The only measurement I was clear on was 2-3 tbsp coconut oil… Please give the rest of the measurements~

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