The “Yellow Smootherine” Featuring the Superfruit, Lucuma

 Transcript of “Yellow Smootherine”.

David “Avocado” Wolfe here, and this is part of our Color Cure Recipe Series! Thanks so much for joining me.

Today we are making a “Yellow Smootherine” and the key ingredient there is lucuma.

Lucuma is in the egg-fruit family and I’ve got some egg-fruits right here. These are some local ones that we’re growing and that egg-fruit texture is so special and so unique.

It’s actually considered the highest calorie fruit in the world, yet it is non-glycemic. It has almost a sweet potato, cooked sweet potato kind of density, but it has a texture….I’m going to open this up…and there is that brilliant egg-fruit texture. It’s a texture that is a lot like a hard-boiled egg.

And it’s very easy to powder, so most of the lucuma that we see here in the West is just a powdered Superfood. And we use it primarily as a filling agent. So it fills that middle space. It’s like an emulsifier. So if you have some fats in there and you have some sweets in there. It fills that middle space in between.

So for example, I’m going to use some pineapple here, that’s going to be our sweet. But then I’m also going to go all the way to some of the richer flavors of honey, some salt, and we’re going to see if we can bring those disparate elements together and lucuma is going to sit right in between that.

I’m getting such an incredible aroma from this. This is one of my favorites of all time. When I first came to Hawaii, I went to a raw food restaurant that was making egg-fruit pies. Raw egg-fruit pies. And that’s how I was introduced to this great food. Eventually the popularity of Lucuma brought it all to our awareness.

I’m actually going to take a little bit of this and put it in here with our Lucuma powder just because this one is ready and it’s ripe. Actually, this is the one. I’m going to put it in right here. And, I could put the skin in. I’m just going to take just this part off and we’ll throw the whole thing in there.

Okay, this is some lucuma powder and that’s going to go into our “Yellow Smootherine”.

And by the way, this color that we see, it’s an orange-yellow. You can see it right here. It’s very obvious. That’s beta carotene. So this is one of the great beta carotene powerhouses of our superfood supply.

Let me take a section of that off. Throw that whole thing in there.

Real hard to find egg-fruit on the mainland. If you’re in Hawaii, it’s more and more popular. But if you ever get the chance to have a fresh lucuma in Peru or a fresh egg-fruit in Hawaii, it’s something you don’t want to miss.

In the meantime, powdered superfood lucuma works and it works so well that it is often the ingredient that people will hide from me when I come over to their house.

Alright, wow, let’s see what else we are going to put into our “Smootherine”.

We’ve got to have that sweetness. We’ve got to have that brightness. We’ve got to get that yellow – that beta carotene – that pineapple can give us.

So pineapple has got this yellowish color, but most of that is actually an orange that is trying to come out. And if pineapple gets super, super ripe it will turn orange. And that is beta carotene and other carotenoids.

Let’s get all of those in there. Ooooh is this going to be good!

One popped out. Nothing like Hawaiian pineapple. It’s the best ever. Organic. Delicious.

Lemon. In the “Smootherine”, we’ve got to get the magic of lemon.

I’ve got lemon juice right here. I’m going to put that into our “Smootherine”. Let me just show you something about lemon.

There you go. There’s our lemon right there.

What’s causing these colors? It’s actually carotenoids. They are fat soluble super-antioxidants that actually give that yellow color.

And again, the yellow color is the easiest of all the color for nature to generate. It requires the least amount of symmetry. The least amount of organization. And it has really a prevalance throughout all of nature.

So if you start to look closely, you start to notice that yellow is more abundant than any other color. And this is one of the reasons why when we look at, for example, honeys or pollens or royal jelly – I’ve got some royal jelly going in next – the predominance is always going to be yellow because that yellow color is, in fact, the most dominant color in nature.

It’s always, by the way, underneath green.

So whenever you have chlorophyll, always yellow will be found right with it. We see the green because chlorophyll is so dominant, but in terms of the actual quantity of yellow pigments out there, there is nothing like it.

There are thousands of yellow pigments, maybe even tens of thousands of yellow pigments out there, whereas with green there might be only 30 or 40. With blues there might be only 10-15. So, this is an extraordinarily varied pigment that is found in nature.

In fact, when you look at honey…you can see this honey. This is actually a Coffee Blossom™ Honey. It’s got a yellow, gold, almost orange appearance because the pollen that it comes from is actually yellow. This is Food for the Immortals® Longevity Warehouse® Coffee Blossom™ Honey. This comes from the Longevity Coffee™ that so many of you enjoy. I personally am not a coffee drinker but I am a honey eater. So, I’m going to put a little extra honey in this one because I love honey so much.

So the “Yellow Smootherine” gets it’s honey fix.

We’ve got now Royal Jelly in here. Now remember, the Royal Jelly that I just put in there, is a kind of an off-whitish, yellowish, kind of compound. About 12% of that Royal Jelly is protein. And about 90% of that, or about 10% of the overall structure of the Royal Jelly, is actually a yellow protein. This is very unusual because it’s coded for by yellow chromosomes.

So there are yellow genes in the genetic code of bees and it’s been figured out that those yellow genes help to code for the yellow proteins, which the bees consume, which helps to develop the cast system. So you have the workers, the drones, and the Queen. All dependent on the color yellow.

I’m going to round out our “Smootherine” with some Icelandic Flake Salt, just a pinch. The best ever. I like to do that again to create that hydration. Draw out some of those sweet elements. Not sugary. But sweet elements.

And then we’ll top it off with either some spring water or some coconut water. Or a mixture of both. Putting that in.

With the Nutribullet®, you’re going to use a gentle twist to get it on. You don’t have to tighten it down too much. Just like that. We pop it on to the power base. Find that sweet spot. And away we go.

Notice that this thing does not move. It’s not going to walk off the edge. I’ve got it actually right here at the edge to show you how confident I am that that thing is not going to move. And one of the things I can do at any time is I can lift that off at any time. If I want to shake that up if there is something left up the top. No problem. I’ll just lift it off and I’ll pop it right back on again.

1700 watts of power. I believe it’s actually the strongest of any conventional appliance in the home. It’s also 30,000 RPM. Again, the strongest of any appliance in the home, and it’s driving it like a tornado action. We call it “bullet exclusive cyclonic action” inside this concave Tritan™ plastic container. We are working on glass, but right now this is the best plastic available in the world.

You can see the yellows coming out. That orange coming out. This is basically an ideal color that we are going after once we hit our “golden years” and yep, there is a connection. The gold color for the golden years. Yellow is about happiness. Orange is happiness in action. This is a condensed sort of solar energy.

Now what’s interesting about that is you look at it, you feel that. It’s something that we kind of tune into naturally, but it is actually correlating to the effects and benefits of these color pigments. They are bright. They are immunological. They are tissue building. They are tissue repairing. And we are going to get also some anti-inflammatory benefits from some of these great foods like pineapple.

Let’s have a taste.

There is nothing like egg-fruit. Nothing like lucuma in all the world. It’s one of the great superfoods originally from Peru.

That’s the “Yellow Smootherine”.

I’m David “Avocado” Wolfe signing off from Hawaii. Have the best day EVER!


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