The Top 3 Things to Eliminate (From Your Diet) for Optimal Health

The Top 3 Things to Eliminate (From Your Diet) for Optimal Health

Check out this exclusive interview with superfood expert, lecturer, and host of the upcoming Women’s Wellness Conference™, David Wolfe, and discover:

  • The 3 most important things to eliminate (from your diet) that will open the door to optimal health and wellness.
  • What to do each morning when you wake up that will boost your health and allow you to detoxify effortlessly .
  • Why the meat and dairy industry are doing everything they can to keep you in the dark about their unhealthy practices.

Transcript of ‘The Top 3 Things to Eliminate (From Your Diet) for Optimal Health’

Lucien Gauthier (LG): This next question, we’ve actually have a couple of them. I think they are either people who have seen you on TV doing the Nutribullet® or people who have just come across your YouTube videos because your exposure is getting so much wider now, but the gist of it is, they are completely new, coming off the Standard American Diet. Dave….would you be happy to do maybe a 5-7 minute piece just on like where to start? Where to get going?


David “Avocado” Wolfe (DW): Yes. Absolutely!

As you know Lucien, that’s one of my favorite things. We like to do the advanced stuff, but we also like to do the basics too.

You have to get to your basic “doctors”, which is: Eat the best food you can get your hands on; eat as organic as possible; grow as much food yourself as possible; start figuring out how to procure wild food. All of this is going to be a “stack-the-odds-in-your-favor-whenever-possible” type of approach.

So, for the beginners, you have got to start figuring out how to get higher quality food into your body because your food quality affects your consciousness. It affects your awareness. It affects your wit. It affects the destiny of your life because it affects your values and your values affect your whole life.

So, you want to get those “doctors” like eating right. Exercise. Sunlight. Right relationships. Hydration. You’ve got to get all those things working for you.

In the morning, when you get up, drink an entire liter of water or two before you have coffee, before you have eggs, before you have whatever your morning thing is. Just that alone can work miracles – just getting hydrated in the morning.

Another thing I want to say about this is the balance of salt to non-salt in your diet. Because in the beginning when you start out, you might be over-salted with all this toxic salt that has been used as a preservative in every packed and boxed food we’ve ever had. So therefore in the beginning, you might want to drink a lot of water, a lot of fluids, a lot of fruit, a lot of vegetable juice. And then flush your system out of those salts because a lot of those things that are in those vegetable juices for example, like potassium, is antagonistic to that salt. So it starts to get that very deep set salt condition out of your body, which is going to lead to arthritis, and premature aging, and it’s going to start making you younger.

But you can’t go on like that forever, so at some point, you’re going to want to do a ‘salt switch’. That’s a very important thing for a beginner: Get the processed salt out of your house. Get rid of it. Dump it and get to a sea salt.

You know, we were just at the Icelandic Sea Salt factory where we get our Icelandic Flake Salt from. What an incredible ecosystem that is! Geez! What a great source of minerals too, by the way, as compared to a kiln dried rock salt that has had all the trace minerals heated off and removed, and then the sodium chloride recongealed back, and that is what is used in every product we’ve ever eaten. We’ve got to be careful about that kind of salt, so we do the ‘salt switch’. That’s a good one for beginners.

Another one I really like is digging into plants primarily, rather than our normal approach which is baloney sandwiches, three meals per day.  And getting off of…in that case right? If you’ve been on dairy products every day of your life for your whole life, you need to get off dairy products. You need to get off meat too and give it a rest and just have a time without so you understand energetically the difference between plant-based food and animal food…and you understand dairy products roll in nature…and you understand what it’s like not to have them and completely clean your system out of them. So that’s an important experiment.

Another thing too is making sure you are creating a non-toxic environment where you live. There are so many chemicals in the average home today it boggles my mind. It just is one of those things that it just boggles my mind. The Germans rank it number 3 in terms of health – your living environment. Like if you don’t have a healthy living environment, we’re gonna be in trouble. Because if that living environment is filled with mold, everything is chemicalized to the max…you know we’ve got this kind of chemical cleaning the counters, we’ve got that kind of chemical in the sink, we’ve got this chemical used for cleaning the linoleum or whatever, it’s just a toxic chemical soup. I got rid of that all at once when I became conscious of it. I used vinegar, Dr. Bronner’s soap, and lemon and lime juice. And I don’t need anything other than that. That does just about everything.

What else is there?

Well-chosen supplements. So, doing a switch-around. Once you get into doing lots of plant foods and lots of juices, blended foods, Nutriblasts, those are a great source of nutrients that will kind of displace your supplements. You won’t really need those vitamin and mineral supplements anymore, or at least not in the way you used to.

Then, upgrading from there to the real supplements. The real powerful stuff: enzymes, probiotics, vitamin D3, things that are where the research lies in terms of building that ‘stress defense shield’ and also stacking the odds in your favor so that you have enough so that if, you know, you live in Central Alberta, Canada, you don’t have enough sun there. You’re going to need to take a vitamin D3 supplement, or a vitamin D2 supplement, or you’re going to need to take some kind of supplemental D in order to deal with that lack of sunlight to make sure you stack the odds in your favor for a maximum chance at vigorous health.


LG: And Dave, a lot of people, will come to this approach, and ask “What do I need to get rid of?” And sometimes I’m at a loss because nowadays there are SO MANY things that are finding their way into mainstream diets and supermarkets.

You’ve got the high fructose corn syrup over here, you’ve got the genetically modified wheat over here, imbedded flavorings pretty much in anything that’s in a box or a package.

You know if someone is saying “What is doing the most damage, that if I remove the top 2 or 3, at least that body burden is going to be given a break for a bit?” What’s your kind of like top couple of things that are just really good – like, I know you just mentioned to get off the meat – but just some things to just make sure like if you really want to be healthy and you want to get going, you kind of should give these things a rest as well.


DW: For sure it’s going to be, I would say, conventional dairy products because it’s just literally become a massive mega business that is so toxic it’s beyond toxic, so I would say dairy products of that coming from conventional sources.


Sugar, and when I say sugar, I’m talking about every kind of refined sugar there is from high fructose corn syrup to refined sugar to brown sugar. Just get off all of it.

That right there, by the way, is a super powerful detox if you’ve been on all the chemicals, all the preservatives, you’re going to go through a detox. And you have to at some level of your own identity, change your identity and go, “Whoa. I’m a non-toxic person. This is part of my identity now,” and that’s how it sticks with you. That’s how you stay on it over the years.

Like, I don’t want to have any cleaning products in my house that are toxic, no way, because my identity is I don’t have anything to do with that kind of stuff.

So, when you change your identity, you actually change all of the derivative behaviors automatically, and that’s why, you know, we recommend people take on a superhero name. Because then you start to change your identity, where you’re like, “Oh wait no, I’m, you know, Super Goji Girl, I don’t do that kind of stuff. I don’t use chemicals. You know, whatever…I don’t have this kind of thing going into my body.” It helps you to make better overall choices.

Yeah, I want to say it’s really important to read up on these subjects and keep the information flow coming in. I’ve found when I fasted it was much, much easier to fast if I was reading books ON fasting. I’ve found it’s much easier to get healthy when you’re reading healthy books, books about health. Then, you’re like, “Oh wait. Spirulina, what’s this? I want to try it.” It puts the idea in your mind and then all of a sudden, boom, you’re there and ready and available to try it out.

Keeping your subjective environment supportive is very key.

That means you can’t have people in your household who are like nagging at you constantly trying to throw genetically-modified corn chips in your face. You have to change your suggestive environment. We become, whether we know it or not, like the people we hang out with. If those people are cynical and a lot of people are cynical, if they’ve given up on themselves at some level and they do not want to get healthy, then you have to kind of cross that bridge. You have to go, well…You have to step out of the situation. That can cause some tough decisions. It can cause a divorce. It can cause a new love. It can cause both.

You might step out of an old relationship that’s totally toxic and walk right into the best relationship you’ve ever been in in your life. It happens all the time in our field because people go, “Look, I’m done with it. I’m done with the negativity. It’s over. I’m stepping out of it. I don’t want that in my ear anymore. I’m just now just done with it.”

That, by the way, sends a wake up call to the other side. When you’re done with the negativity, with, you know, the cheap heckling and whatever, and the other person doesn’t want to change their behavior and all of a sudden you do, and then you’re like, “Look, I’m walking out of here. I’m not dealing with this.” It can really have a profound affect on the other side. It’s actually more likely to change that person’s mind than you trying to convince them.


LG: Wow. That is a fantastic, fantastic insight. And like you say, we’ve seen that so many times with people coming to the events where they actually make that change and by elevating themselves, they get out. I just recently heard this great expression. It’s: “The only way out is up”.


DW: I like that. Yeah. You’ve got to climb out and I do want to say this: When you’re detoxifying, at some level, you are paying the price for your sins.

You know, I’ve been through that, where I was like, “Damn, this is tough. This is hard.” And you know when you’re doing a detox, or cleaning, or fasting and the only thing that comes up is like, well, you know what? I had Lucky Charms. Every day for breakfast for ten years of my life, and now I gotta pay the price. It’s like that.

You know, you’re going to go through a tough time but it’s like you gotta go through that to climb out and get out.


LG: Yeah, and I remember you told me a few years ago, you know when I was detoxing, you said, it’s better that it’s coming out like that than later on as cancer or something.


DW: Yeah, because those carcinogens…we know that! Let’s just go to the obvious logic.

Do you want those carcinogens sweated out of your body or do you want them sitting in your body so that they cause mutation of  cells around them leading to a tumor? I think we’re all clear on that one! We want that stuff out and therefore, we have to detox.

In order to detox, you have to follow some protocols because some of the toxins are deeper down, they are harder to get at, they are harder to get out of your body and remove. And therefore you might have to use some specific protocols with enemas and particular herbs and fasting and not eating your normal diet, and you know, all that stuff. Infrared sauna.



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