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Transcript of David Wolfe on the Superfood for Immortality

Dave: I was ranting and raving up here about chaga mushroom. Over all these years I’m always ranting and raving about chaga to you, but you’re always ranting and raving to me about reishi.

Ron: Yeah.

Dave: Let’s go there. Let’s go to the next super red food: Reishi mushroom. You’ve got it up here in the corner. Tell us a little bit about reishi mushroom, where it fits into your overall pharmacopoeia.

Ron: Well, reishi has, in Chinese lore, always been considered to be the ‘Mushroom of Immortality’. It’s the prime. It’s really, in my opinion, this is it. It’s the greatest herb on the planet Earth.

Schizandra and ginseng are up there. But, reishi in the actual wild…now they can cultivate it and do a fantastic job. They grow it on wooden logs; like this is a wooden log. You just grow it. But in the forest, they actually just cut down a patch of forest that is overrunning something and grow it. Wild reishi has 900 active constituents.

Dave: Wow.

Ron: It’s not a typical plant.

It’s extremely well balanced in terms of your body. It does everything immunologically that you can think of. It’s truly the great protector of your life.

When I started my herbal career, not really starting it as a person studying for the first 20 years, but when I really started working in an herb shop, I made sure every single person that came to me took reishi mushroom. It was like a mission of mine.

In those days, that was 25 years ago, it was actually more expensive than it is now. It used to cost like $60 for 60 capsules and it wasn’t as good. Now the price is much better and you can actually get this great log-grown reishi. I still believe everybody should take a couple capsules of reishi every day.

There is a famous painting of reishi of Chinese heaven. There is a story that there is a pedestal in the middle of Chinese heaven. On top of that pedestal there is a reishi mushroom growing and the gods gave it to humans so they would become like the immortals.

So it’s called the, ‘Mushroom of Immortality’. It’s not psychoactive. It’s not a magic mushroom like that. But when you take it, it’s transformative psychically.

I went to the Shaolin Temple, many times actually, but a couple of years ago was the last time I was there. You go into a room that is 1500 years old and they have all these paintings of the bodhisattvas. In every single group of bodhisattvas, the master is holding up a reishi mushroom. Most people wouldn’t notice that. Actually, I went with a couple of monks and they didn’t actually know that that was what that was.

They go, “Oh, well thank you for telling us there are 26 bodhisattvas and 26 reishi mushrooms.”

So, it’s just an ancient thing. There are tons of studies on it right now. It’s protective. You take it and it protects you and helps you to grow. It’s transformative.

It should be an important part of everybody’s life in one way or another.




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