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Transcript of David Wolfe on the Secret World of Medicinal Mushrooms

It is so important to get this little piece. It is life changing. It is something I’ve put out there on the internet repeatedly, over and over and over again, for years. That is, most of us where we came from, Lucky Charms cereal; Wonderbread; pasteurized, homogenized, glow-in-the-dark, larvicide, fungicide, herbicide, suicide, genetically modified, hormonally-altered milk in a plastic-leeching jug that’s cut with tap water…

All of the food is domesticated. It’s now GMO. All the natural medicines that keep the food alive in nature and keep the insects off of it in nature and keep the parasites off of it in nature, they’ve been removed. We don’t need them. Now it’s behind a farmer’s fence line with sprays and chemicals and everything. So the actual real food, wild food, natural food is all protected from being predated upon by Mother Nature, as best as we can with all our sprays and chemicals.

Basically, we take all of the medicine out of the food, and that’s over here in a little white pill called an antibiotic, which is really a mushroom concentrate. (We’ll get to that again.) So that our kids are completely defenseless. They have no immunological nutrition at all. It’s all white bread or GMO food or just food.

Slowly, the idea of superfoods is creeping in. But the idea of superherbs has not crept in at all. If you don’t have superherbs somewhere building up for you as a generalized part of your protocol, at some level you’re going to be susceptible immunologically. What do I mean by that?

Medicinal mushrooms, like chaga and reishi, which are the king and the queen. Start there. You don’t need much. Just do chaga. And reishi…when you see reishi, it’s like a stairway to heaven. We start with the king and the queen. Reishi mushroom is the most well-studied herb in the history of the world. You think it does nothing? I’ll tell you how it does nothing if you don’t have it.

What happens as you get into these mushrooms and you start getting them into your body, you start building up an immunological momentum. Now I put this into my book The Chaga Book, just on beta-glucans, which are a polysaccharide complex that’s found in medicinal mushrooms.

You can do things other than medicinal mushrooms. It can be astragalus, or schizandra, or your favorite herbs, tulsi or ashwagandha, or whatever ones you like. But the mushrooms are a good one, because it’s really an interesting thing to see, like, “Oh, wait!”

This is the insight, just to get clear. Just so we’re all clear on this. Mushrooms that grow on trees are medicinal mushrooms.



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    Prices are too high for the average person wanting to become and or stay healthy. The foods that are not good for you are always the cheapest . I wish this were turned around.

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