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Longevity Zapper

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  1. Pete

    Oh, you haven’t had an orgasm in 3 months? Put a zapper next to it! Just kidding, but on a serious note, I have a Tens, but I’m guessing this is much different technology.

    • Brynda Jolly Bechtold

      The Tens unit was developed by neurologist Dr. Norm Shealy and as I understand, it works by over riding the pain signals in the nervous system. I used one with a pulled back muscle for a week. Works great, for pain, but when I didn’t use it, the pain was there..I just wasn’t feeling the pain. Completely different from zapper but they are both based on energy fields. I’m no “expert” ..just my thoughts, you can google!

  2. Deb Dygas

    Haven’t the Chinese known this for centuries? At least my teacher certainly does. He taught me acupuncture with electric stimulation. And these days it’s not necessary to use needles for those who don’t like them.
    But Bravo! At least you’re on the right train.

  3. synrgii

    1) I respect you and your work greatly.
    2) I think you work extremely hard to bring better health to the world on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).
    3) I have absolutely no problem with anyone making money, especially large amounts of it. Money exchanged for greater value is perfectly fine in our modern world. no shame or blame in that.
    4) etc…

    * The only concern I have is how MUCH you charge for all your items. Seems like (generally speaking) the sick people with the least money need the products the most (because many already lost their careers, or even menial jobs from bad health, medical bankruptcy, medical bills, ability to even work at all, etc…). Further, it seems that many of the products, such as this “Zapper” are NOT worth nearly the cost. This is a very simple device physically (design), small (cost of materials), technology (simple square waves), function (rudimentary software/programming intelligence), and anything else associated with it (even with US labor involved). I can’t see how this is worth more than $50 , and that is begin GENEROUS. Actual total production/delivery cost can’t possibly be more than what…$30? Do you really need to make 900% profit. Couldn’t you make 100-200% profit instead, and still net appx the same total bottom-line, plus give more jobs to the production/delivery workers… and HELP more sick customers?? I don’t understand, and I see this time and again with your sales. Your warehouse seems like the Whole Foods style business: a few truly premium items, mixed into mostly conventional items, yet all charging premium price. If so, I respect everything except your underlying business model/pricing.

    Please make more things more accessible to more people. Just because you CAN charge a high price doesn’t always mean that you SHOULD. Or that you can’t put better limits on how many per household, or that a certain portion are set aside for premium customers initially, and middle and low-income customers later on. Or whatever.

    Just feedback. You are free to do what you want in our “free economy” of course.

    • Brynda Jolly Bechtold

      Did you notice the LAB they built to make these? The computer technology they build into them? This is a far cry from the pennies gadgets…I get plenty of great deals from Longevity just have to be a wise shopper. Everything is above high quality.

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