The Cure Is Closer Than You Think

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  1. Kimberly

    I completely agree. Have you read Physical Immortality by Leonard Orr? This is a text about the immortal masters of India, and specifically Babaji, along with recipes for physical immortality, it is actually fairly simple. It’s one of the best books ever!!:) thanks for bringing your wisdom to light

  2. Liz A

    Thank you David, well said! I think most people don’t realize how much of their own power they have given away to exclusively worshipping at the temple of the scientific worldview and modern medicine. People have been conditioned and positioned to be consumers of more medical procedures and drugs..from a marketing and business perspective, it’s brilliant…however from a moral perspective, it’s absolutely reprehensible. A chronically ill population that doesn’t feel well is easier to control, and generates a lot of revenue…most people don’t realize how much they have been manipulated to do what’s best for the powers that be, and not for themselves. I very much appreciate what you are doing to flip this perspective….if you can define the problem well enough, you’ve almost got the solution…most people are closer than they realize to waking up.

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