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Transcription of David Wolfe

Now the lymph doesn’t have a heart. There’s nothing that is pulsing the fluid or moving it around, except for what? What moves your lymphatic system fluids around?

Walking, movement, jumping up and down, jumping on a rebounder, getting upside down, Yoga, squishing your body, squeezing, expanding, breathing in, deep breathing. These are what move your lymphatic system fluids around.

Don’t do this at home… That’s enough… Oh, man. Some of these photo shoots!

Getting upside down, squishing your body, expanding your body, moving your ribs around, breathing deep–these are the things that move your lymphatic system fluids around and keep your sewage system clean.

But then it all has to drain into your colon, and your colon has to move or else none of that is happening.

We talked about mental blockages of the colon, emotional blockages of the colon. There are also physical blockages, not having enough fiber so everything gets gummed up in there and stuck in there. We have to stay hydrated. We have to detoxify our bodies. We have to keep our colons moving. The water and salt are a bolus of liquid moving through that pushes everything out.

When we discuss all the pieces of the detoxification puzzle, some of the things we mentioned earlier include C60. Activated charcoal is another. We just gave away a zeolite product, that’s what Patrick Flanagan’s Crystal Energy contains.

What about other zeolite products? Sure, clinoptinolite. Yep, that’s another zeolite product. What else is on that list?

There are whole cleanse systems, where they’re using bulking fiber, chia fiber, psyllium husk fiber, flax fiber, where it bulks up and moves everything through so you can get everything out. Those are the cleanse systems that we’re familiar with, starting with Arise & Shine. Blessed Herbs has a great one. Those are all wonderful.

What else is on that list?

There are some very important superfoods to suck up in order to neutralize odors, toxins, and also to neutralize carcinogens. The main neutralizer of all that stuff is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is very heavily concentrated in certain superfoods.

Which one?

Chlorella. Chlorella is at the top of the list when it comes to all this detox stuff.




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  1. Wendy

    According to Anthony Williams, the Medical Medium, Chlorella will bind to toxins but releases them shortly after. He recommends Hawaiian Spirulina instead. I love using the Patrick Flanagan products though..even have a NEO 🙂

      • Wendy

        Thanks! I love Longevity Warehouse for the superfoods, but just recently learned to be careful with the chlorella and doing heavy metal detox. My ND had me taking it with Cilantro tincture and it was incredibly constipating. On top of that to find out it probably dropped all the heavy metals and I have to do the process all over was so discouraging that I wanted to save someone else from going through that experience 😉

  2. cath

    question about zeolite—perhaps david wolfe can confirm or deny:
    does zeolite leave behind aluminum?—was using it, then heard at very end of TRUTH ABOUT CANCER: A GLOBAL QUEST in their Q & A session with TY BOLINGER that zeolite is very good at what it does, but unfortunately deposits aluminum in blood vessels/system???—since i was using it for heavy metal detox and one of the metals i was in need of detoxing IS ALUMINUM, this would be totally contra-productive, contra-indicated, and just downright NOT GOOD AT ALL!—all input so very welcome—sorry to be off subject, but the previous comments just reminded me that i need to know answer to this question—thanks to all!

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