David Wolfe’s Ultimate Hydration Recipe

‘The Color Cure Series’ continues here with David “Avocado” Wolfe’s hydrating “Happy Aloe Limeade”!  It’s happy because it contains an abundance of mood elevating yellow pigments.  This recipe is also super hydrating and great for those hot summer days.  Approximately 75% of Americans are dehydrated!  Dehydration is associated with a multitude of health issues including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and accelerated aging.



Silicium Labs G7 Aloe and Silica

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  1. Bessie Visser

    I live in South Africa and I have Aloes in my garden, is that Aloe Vera?I also thought that Aloe is very bitter, I have never tasted it.

  2. Tatia Veltkamp

    Can you give us specific amounts of everything you used? I made it this morning and it was delish! But I have no idea what makuna is or where to get it, so I left that out. I am thirsty almost all the time, especially in the afternoon and it’s probably because I’m flushing all my electrolytes by drinking so much water. This was really timely for me. Thanks!

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