Real Chocolate May Soon Be Extinct

Real Chocolate May Soon Be Extinct

Do you LOVE chocolate??? There is nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a rich chocolate bar or lingering over a sweet chocolate dessert after a long, stressful day.

Real Chocolate

Did you know real, organic jungle grown chocolate (cacao) is one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world? In fact, the Aztecs called this mineral-rich, cardio-protective food, “The Food of the Gods,” due to its high levels of magnesium and other health-promoting properties.

But did you also know there is a plan – funded by multi-national corporations – to completely destroy this ancient crop and they are doing it right under our noses?

They are destroying tens of thousands of acres of pristine jungle-cacao each year to make room for a cheaper alternative, their man-made hybridized version of cacao called CCN-51. This is a highly profitable, bland variation of natural cacao with almost no nutritional value.

Heirloom cacao plants
These heirloom cacao plants are being threatened with extinction as the jungles in Ecuador are being destroyed.

How Are They Doing This?

First step: The corporations find beautiful jungles where cacao is naturally growing and cut down all the trees.

Chocolate trees cut down in the jungle

Second step: They repeatedly spray the land with toxic chemicals until everything on the land is DEAD. No insects, no birds, and no animals can inhabit the land anymore.

Spraying the cacao fields

Third step: They let the land “settle” until all the toxic chemicals have sunk into the ground, making the environment chemically suitable for their “man-made” cacao hybrid called CCN-51 to be planted.

This has happened to THOUSANDS of acres of jungles around the world, including Africa, Bali, Honduras, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Peru, and now Ecuador (the cradle of TRUE cacao) and NOBODY is doing or saying anything to stop it!

Ecuador map

Unfortunately, it gets worse…

As if that’s not bad enough, they can also legally call chocolate products made from the CCN-51 “organic” because of a hidden loophole. They aren’t spraying the outside of the plants with chemicals, but the bushes are growing in soil poisoned with toxic chemicals!

As the chocolate plants grow, they are drawing up horrific chemicals including:

Glifonox®: Toxic weed killer – a version of Roundup®.

Thionate® 35 EC: Toxic insecticide.

Hydrogen Dioxide: Oxidizing chemical that is poisonous to most living organisms.

Thalonex®: Toxic fungicide.

spraying the cacao crop

Why is this happening?

Reason #1: Greed

Chocolate is an $83 BILLION a year business and greedy corporations are willing to trim costs and increase profits no matter what the impact on the environment.

The problem is it can take 15-25 years for a jungle grown cacao tree to mature to its full height of 20-45 feet to produce its delicious fruit… and 25 years is too long for impatient corporations to wait to turn a profit.

Cheap CCN-51 cacao “bushes” donʼt take much time to grow. Once the soil has been denatured and destroyed, the CCN-51 bushes reach full maturity at 5-7 feet in only a few years.

CCN-51 versus jungle grown cacao

Over the past seven years, the market has been flooded with cheap, hybridized cacao products, as more and more small organic farmers have been forced out of business. The jungles in Ecuador are being destroyed more rapidly each year and it’s critical that we do everything we can to stop the destruction NOW.

Reason #2: Ignorance

Because CCN-51 land has been so heavily sprayed with chemicals, the land is void of animals, insects, and bugs so there is no threat of the crop being eaten. The bushes are small, and donʼt take much cultivation, which saves on labor costs and time. This makes the product easier and cheaper to grow and harvest. In the eyes of the corporations, this is a huge win.

But once a jungle has been destroyed and heavily sprayed, there is no way to “fix” the damage, and the cacao plants are growing in land that has been poisoned with toxic chemicals.

This is terrible news not just for the environment, but also for the people consuming the products made from this chocolate. The long-term environmental consequences, as well as the long-term human health consequences, are catastrophic.

Cacao fields

The bottom line: CCN51 is the worst thing to happen to the nature jungles of the world and to a truly beneficial health food.

Jungle Grown Cacao chart

For the past seven years, Longevity Warehouse® has worked directly to protect the jungles in Ecuador from multi-national corporations.

We partner with indigenous locals to harvest wild grown cacao throughout the Ecuadorian jungles/rainforests, helping to protect this source of ancient, jungle-grown cacao. By paying a beyond fair trade rate for the cacao to those who own the jungles, they are encouraged to keep the land intact and not sell it off to a large corporation trying to destroy it.

We are proud to offer you a source of REAL cacao that is mineral-rich and full of powerful nutrients. We vow never to compromise the quality of the cacao we sell – you can taste the feel the difference of our cacao over the CCN-51 cacao.


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  1. Elle

    Truly saddened by this. Didn’t need this bad news to add to all the political crap we are bombarded with. Is there anything we can do? Any action we can take?

  2. Dana

    This is about right! Man in his evil ways all driven by greed. Unfortunately, this doesn’t surprise me. But my question is HOW in the world is this even legal? Oh, right, how could I forget that the government is also corrupt with many power driven, money hungry souls. I so wish somehow, some way, ALL these criminals were taken OUT—put behind bars where they belong so we could begin to heal our world, heal our planet, which will begin to heal the people. Enough is enough. God help us all!

  3. Janice Parker

    How can we the people be positive activists and stop this from happening to the rainforests?

    Can you send sites to go to for signing petitions, can you give us corporation names to write to,
    and protest, what social media sites would be the best to let everyone know what is happening thru social media.

    • Kat Mottram

      Hi Janice,

      We would love everyone possible to share this blog post on Facebook so the word gets out. Most companies don’t advertise where they get their cacao from, but anyone can call a chocolate company directly and ask detailed questions about where the cacao comes from. Based on the company’s answers, consumers can decide whether to shop with that company or not.

      Supporting companies that do sell real, jungle-grown, heirloom cacao keeps these plants alive. Farmers who own jungle areas are encouraged to keep their land and not sell it off if they are making a good living. It’s when they can’t that they are forced to sell off the land – so voting with your dollars is very powerful!

  4. Julia

    I’m sad and mad to learn of this situation!
    It’s important to let people know about this so that they can stop unwittingly supporting the destruction of the jungles
    and stop missing out on the benefits of wild cocoa.
    It could be like GMO …. thankfully the word is out and the buyer beware to not buy GMO.
    I will be boycotting sub par cocoa and buying only wild cocoa so that I can help protect the true cocoa!
    Save Chocolate!

    • Kat Mottram

      Thank you, Julia!

      We hope many more people will share this blog post and spread the word. It’s so important for everyone to understand what’s happening. Voting with our dollars and only buying chocolate from companies selling the real, nutrient-dense cacao is a powerful way to help.

  5. Brynda Bechtold

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I order ALL my cacao from Longevity Warehouse! You didn’t mention the lead and cadmium found in some “quality” chocolate found in the health food stores!

    • Kat Mottram

      Thanks for your support, Brynda!

      That’s a very good point about the heavy metals. Many of the “quality” chocolates are positively toxic. Look for our next blog post… 😉

  6. Sally Owen

    Ten years ago I backpacked into an “eco-village” in the heart of Ecuador (A lovely embracing country, everyone should visit at sometime in their life). My favorite thing we did was pick the cacao pod, and let them sit in the covered palapa to let the “bugs” clean off their outer layer, then roast them in the smoke pots that go 24/7, grind them up in an old hand metal meat grinder, and serve over bananas. Then we hiked around and found the immature pods and scooped the white fluffy stuff out, much like marshmellows.. It is sad to think of those densely vegetated areas becoming graveyards. The beautiful people in the village loved to collect those pods in the surrounding forest (as the trees are mature ), now I hope that they can help sustain themselves by having a market, and also keeping the rainforest safe and allowing nature to do her thing too.

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