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Longevity Coffee Blast®, 6.5oz

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Turmeric is considered a whole body cleansing herb. It contains curcumin, a powerful antioxidant that provides support to cell membranes and self-repair. Curcumin is supportive to neural function, heart health, and mental health.

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David Wolfe Foods® Organic Maca Powder

The character and properties of Maca have been developed by the extreme conditions under which it grows, which makes Maca an excellent superfood choice for individuals living in cold climates, at high altitudes, and/or with extreme adventure lifestyles.

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  1. Monique Honeywell Chernin

    I’m a bit confused now about what I thought I knew about Xylitol. The Detox Project has a Doctor Gerry Curatola DDS on that I had the pleasure of listening to. He claims Xylitol is a chemical, industrial processed from 80% GMO corn cobs. It is a heavy metal that goes through a hydrogenation process that turns into Raney Nickle, and should be avoided at all costs.It’s in 90% of natural toothpastes, causes gas and diarrhea in humans and poisons/kills dogs. Does anyone have some good feedback on this?

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