Optimal Nutrition: David Wolfe’s Top 3 Tips

We all want optimal nutrition. But how do we best achieve this goal? Please read the below transcript from part of David Wolfe’s compelling lecture at the Longevity Now® Conference 2015 to discover his thoughts.

Optimal nutrition can be reached by considering the Color of our Food, as well as consciously using these 3 Top Tips to create the ultimate meal.

Green = Chlorophyll.

The top green chlorophyll sources for optimal nutrition are Grass, Chlorella Powder or Chlorella Tablets, Spirulina Powder, and Blue-green Algae.

Yellow, orange, pink, and red = Carotenoids.

Carotenoids are the oil pigments. They sit right behind the green. So when the green breaks down all of a sudden, you see that your vegetables are yellow.

Did they turn yellow? No. They already ARE yellow. And yellow is the most abundant color.

So in the yellow leaves you not only have the chlorophyll, and then you have yellow pigments like lutein, but you also have quercetin. Remember that’s in every single fruit and vegetable…so, is it possible that vegetables can make you happy??

So then, what about vitamin B9? That’s also a yellow and that’s in the leaf. Because we don’t eat green leaves, that’s why we have vitamin B9. (This is why they give kids vitamin B injections because their parent didn’t eat leaves.)

So instead of talking about vegetables, actually what i’m talking about here is leaves.

Parsley is a…? Leaf.

Kale is a…? Leaf.

Chard is a…? Leaf.

Spinach is a…? Leaf.

Celery is…? Stems and leaves.

It’s a different way of thinking about it. So those pigments are all backed up in the leaves. So the color you see as soon as that chlorophyll breaks down is yellow, and the carotenes are oily, and they can protect you.

If you remember, we talked about a specific way to really uptake all of these really intensely earlier in The Longevity Now® Conference. Differently.

I didn’t have this in the early days of doing cleanses. It was like, if you were hungry, hungry, hungry you just ate fruit. Right? You just like ate an apple and that is what you did for your cleanse.

But now we know something a little bit different.

And that is: every now and then you need salty/savory. And you need to get that combination in a soup so you can extract the carotenoids – carotenoids being the vegetable pigments (the oil pigments). This is how you make them available so they can actually have a medicinal effect on you.

So, there were three top things I mentioned you needed to do earlier in this conference to gain optimal nutrition from your food:

1. Blend.

2. Oil. (Oil has to be present, like olive oil.)

3. Heat. (About 115-120 degrees F.)

To learn why the color of our food is directly linked to the health benefits they contain and how specific colors correlate to individual health needs, listen to an exclusive Q&A with David Wolfe, The Secret Color of Foods.

Discover more about flavonoids, porphyrins, and the new body of research David Wolfe has been investigating in regards to the color of foods, listen to his audio interview Foods, Clues, and Colors.

Your Personal Color Cheat Sheet for Optimal Nutrition

1. CHOROPHYLL (green)

Best sources: Chlorella Powder or Chlorella Tablets, Spirulina PowderBlue-green Algae, Grass

2. CAROTENOIDS (yellow, orange, pink, red)

~ Lycopene, Lutein, Beta carotene, Astaxanthin, Cryptoxanthin, Zeaxanthin (oil pigments)

Best sources: Kale, Chlorella Powder or Chlorella Tablets, Spirulina PowderBlue-green Algae, Grass, Goji berries

3. BETALAINS (yellow, red, purple)

~ Water soluble pigment, beets, quinoa family, cacti, carnivorous plants

Best sources: Beets, Amaranth, Pitaya, Chard, Spinach



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